Meet our Fall 2018 Interns!

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  1. Lane Logan

    My name is Richard Logan, but I am more commonly addressed by my middle name, Lane. I am currently a senior at Indiana University-Bloomington pursuing a BA of science in Nutrition and Dietetics. My passion for fitness and athletics began by the time I was able to walk. I participated in almost every sport offered to me at least once in my life, but fell in love with gym based fitness/nutrition after my college career began. Seeing the ever-growing knowledge I have gained make a difference in people’s lives drives my passion for what I do. To me, creating a more adrenaline-filled and healthy lifestyle creates happiness. I truly live for seeing smiles of accomplishment emerge.

    I am super excited to spend this next semester with the Force family for many reasons: the passion that drives each coach and client, the great memories to be made, and of course, the vast knowledge to be gained from some incredible coaches. I can’t wait to see what I am capable of during my time as an intern at Force and hopefully carry that knowledge over into my future career.

  2. Torie Striebel

    My name is Torie Striebel and I am recent graduate from Indiana University with a degree in Exercise Science.  Fitness and movement have been a passion of mine ever since I could remember.  I was always playing some type of sport or activity growing up, looking for any reason to go outside and run around. Constantly being amazed at what all the human body can do, I fell in love with learning new ways to exercise and push my physical limits. As I grew older I began searching for all the ways I could gain more knowledge within the health and wellness field. I started teaching group exercise classes my freshman year of college and really began to see how much working with people and helping them fall in love with their own fitness journey meant to me. This is something that Force Fitness does with each and every one of its clients and is one of many reasons it is an amazing opportunity to be a fall intern.

    I am extremely inspired by the knowledge and level of excellence the staff provides, and I know this internship will help me in all of my future goals. With that, I am excited to spend this semester meeting all of you and becoming a part of the Force Family!

  3. Jesus Lopez

    My name is Jesus Lopez and I’m finishing my last semester at IU. I’m studying public health and have had a strong interest in health/fitness throughout my whole life. During college, I competed in weightlifting and I enjoyed the competition and the training that came along with it as well as the various athletes and coaches I was exposed to. After college I want to pursue being an Officer in the Marines.

    I’m excited to learn all the training tools Force uses to have a successful gym, varying from personal training to sport performance. I’m excited to make strong, positive connections with the Force family and be a part of a successful gym that impacts individuals in a positive way. 


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