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Ariel Clausman – Fall 2019 Collegiate Coaching Intern

Hello friends! My name is Ariel Clausman and I’m a Fall semester intern for Force. I am very excited to experience and learn from all the coaches and clients here at the gym. I am from Ellettsville which most of you probably know is just 20-30 minutes outside of Bloomington. I am beginning my sophomore year of college where I am currently studying Kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming a personal trainer and then, possibly, a physical therapist.

Growing up I have always had a love and interest for the way the body works. I used to run track and cross county during high school and some gymnastics during middle school. Although both taught me a lot about dedication and the fundamentals of physical activity, I usually ended up injuring myself because of the lack of balance between strength training and aerobics. I became interested in Force because they not only create balanced work outs to prevent injury, but I also wanted to experience personal training/coaching first hand and I believe Force can help me do both.

I look forward to meeting everyone from the Force family!

Ariel Clausman


Sophia Lipe – 2019-2020 High School Intern

Hi, Force Family! I am Sophia Lipe and will be interning at Force throughout the school year learning as much as I can about fitness training. I am a senior at Bloomington High School North and play soccer and run at north. I grew up in Bloomington all my life with my brother and my mom. We are definitely a sports family but mainly soccer. We are the total soccer family with games on the weeks and tournaments on the weekend.

I am a total exercise lover and am very interested in everything that’s behind exercising. I got into the whole world of fitness by wanting to be the best athlete I can for the sport that I love. Also growing up watching my older brother over the years become an amazing athlete by training. Freshman year I started really working out and now over the years I started to think more into the science behind workouts; for instance, why do these movements work out these muscles? Or what are my muscles actually doing when I do this exercise?  From there on out, I have been so interested in learning fitness and becoming a fitness trainer.

I am so excited to be interning at Force Fitness. I actually trained at Force Fitness in the Sport Performance Program for two years but then had to stop. I loved working out at Force and it inspired me to become a fitness trainer even more. I am looking to learn as much as possible on how to become a fitness trainer. It going to be such a valuable experience for me and I am so happy I have this opportunity.

Sophia Lipe

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