Meet Our Spring 2017 Interns!

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My name is Emily Wagoner, and I am a junior studying Exercise Science & Coaching at IU. I have been an avid competitive runner for the last 7 years, and in the past year I discovered my passion for coaching when I assisted with my previous high school cross country team over the summer. I currently coach the IU Run Club, and in my free time I enjoy creating recipes, brainstorming running and strength training plans, and hiking with friends in the various parks around Bloomington.

I am eager to join the coaches at Force in promoting a contagiously motivating atmosphere focused on the individual and grounded in community. This semester, I am excited to learn from the best and come alongside members of the Force community to help them reach their fitness goals and realize their full potentials as athletes and as people.

My name is Dominique Booth, from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Training has been apart of my life since a young child, because of my family and sports I’ve always been involved in such as basketball and football. At a young age, I would often train at 6 am before elementary school and I never once complained about it because I loved it. As I grew older, I was given many opportunities to travel the country to train for football but as much as I loved to grow as an athlete, I relished the opportunity to learn different training styles. I decided to study Exercise Science at Indiana University while playing football with hopes of one day becoming a strength and conditioning coach. I am both excited and anxious to start at Force Fitness, because of the great and motivated people I know I will work with and the lives that I can hopefully positively touch in my time with the gym.

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