Mike Morton is the Boot Camper of the Month!

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Congratulations to Mike Morton our January Boot Camper of the Month!

Mike started Force Fitness Boot Camps in November, 2010 because his daughter purchased a membership for him as a birthday gift!   He was a bit apprehensive about joining the FF boot camp as he hadn’t participated in an organized exercise program since his days in the Marine Corp.

Since joining boot camp Mike has noticed his balance improve and he has more confidence in his body and the things that he is capable of doing.   His next goal is to complete a 4 point plank for two minutes!

Mike likes the positive atmosphere at Force Fitness as well as the challenge that it presents to each individual to move closer to their fitness goals.

Mike is able to keep up with the younger crew in his boot camp by doing a few things:  1) He is always at boot camp, rarely missing a day!  2) He constantly tries to improve his fitness level and challenges himself to get better each day.

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