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Here it is, the long overdue rant session!

1) For those of you that don’ t know this rant has no purpose or direction, I simply spout off the things that are on my mind.
2)  I saw Paranormal Activity 2 last night, it was great!  If you like psychological horror movies it is a must see.  (I told you this had no direction).
3) I am amazed at how lazy a lot of people are and how much they feel should just be given to them.  Whatever happened to working hard and putting in your time?  I especially see this in those that are a little younger than myself.
4)  I am equally amazed at those people that want a different result but are doing the same old things over and over again!  Why would you expect to lose weight if you still eat junk food, grab a handful of candy at the office, and haven’t done anything extra in your workouts for months?   If you want to start seeing results again or you want to start seeing results period you might try changing up a few of the habits that are really holding you back!
5)  I am convinced that strength training is just as important to your fat loss success as interval training.  Lately I have seen drastic changes from those that are putting both together, especially those that have been doing almost exclusively interval training.
6) I think that people should try to get off the cardio machines and do some sprints, hills or stairs for their cardio.   If all someone did was train with weights for two hours a week and they ran a total of 60 minutes of intervals on hills, sprints or stairs they would see some amazing changes.
7) That being said, it isn’t always best for someone to just start sprinting.
8 ) If you want to know weekends are everyone’s downfall I can tell you…. lack of routine.  We are creatures of habit!  When your routine gets disrupted you are more likely to eat and drink things you wouldn’t because of your routine.
9) To correct the above issue, make yourself a weekend routine and stick to it.
10) I have some pretty cool clients and friends and sometimes I forget it.  Actually, a lot times I forget it.  I am sorry guys if I don’t always let you know how much I appreciate you in my life.   Honestly, some of the very closest people to me in my life are those that I work with in the gym.
11) Thank goodness for Kim!  If it wasn’t for her keeping me in line we would all be in trouble.  I am very lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life.
12)  I am working on some type of “cleanse”, that really isn’t the word or term I am looking for, but it is a detox type of two week nutrition plan that I guaranteed to help you drop several pounds.  I wouldn’t mind a few guinea pigs to try it out for me and let me know the results.  It is very simple and easy to follow, but you must have some will power. Losing 10lbs or so in the two weeks isn’t out of the question.  If you are interested let me know.  One of my morning clients used it for four weeks and we slowly transitioned off of it and he is still losing weight.  He is at about 60lbs lost so far and crazy strength increases.
13)  I almost hate myself for saying cleanse in the previous paragraph.  It is more of a jump start/nutritional reset program.  I like that term a lot better.  Feel free to make fun of me for saying cleanse.
14) I can’t go on about this stuff anymore and I better quite wasting time writing this ranting blog post so that I can write some programs and train some people.

If you have a topic that you would like to see me write about please email me at and let me know.  I am always open to suggestions.

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