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Congratulations to Jan Grant the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Jan has been with Force Fitness since it began! She states, “When I did training with Ryan back in his days freelancing at the Iron Pit, I knew when he and Wil opened Force Fitness, I wanted to be a part of it!” This past May she joined the 28-day Rapid Fat Loss program, since then she has lost 23 pounds and two jeans sizes!
Jan’s goals have changed over the years. Initially, she was most concerned with strength training to combat an osteoporosis diagnosis she had received. In less than two years, Jan’s bone density scan showed huge regeneration of bone, which put her back into the “normal” category. This was a big deal for her to reach this goal! Her next goal was to have better nutrition and supplement routine, coupled with more intense training programs. Jan’s future goals include increasing her upper body strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, and continue with steady weight loss.
Jan exclaims “Force Fitness isn’t just a fitness gym….it’s a quality of Life! The almost magical combination of phenomenal trainers, individualized programs and attention, personal connections, and positive reinforcement, make coming into Force Fitness like a healthy version of walking into the bar at Cheers!” Everyone knows her name, she is accepted totally for where she is in her training, and encouraged to progress in her workouts. Jan also loves the continued nutrition education, community charitable outreach programs, and the sense of being part of something that’s good for her – and good for all!
Jan can’t say she felt nervous, however, she did know that her self-confidence and sense of well being has increased exponentially over her time with Force. Today, Jan has more energy, more desire to be active, better mental focus, and a more positive outlook on life. Force Fitness is a huge part of her saying, “I am loving the life I live!”
Personal training has been the core of achieving her goals at Force Fitness. Jan started out training twice a week, but for quite some time she has been training three times a week. For her, nutrition and what she put in her body was such a huge part of how she felt and what number would show up on the scale. “Frankly, the Rapid Fat Loss program really moved me into a new level of fitness,” she says. Jan has been taking the VGF 25+, EFA Icon, and Metabolism supplements and protein powder from Prograde, along with Metabolic Drive protein.
Friends and family are providing amazing reinforcement for Jan. When her son returned home in late June after spending six months in Bogota, Colombia, his reaction to her change in appearance was extremely gratifying. Jan wants to be at her optimal level of health and fitness for many years ahead to maximize active opportunities with her kids and grandkids. Jan says “I’m certain Force Fitness will play a central role in me achieving that long term wish!”

Congratulations to Stephanie Leonard the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Stephanie has been with Force Fitness since January 2011 and has a leaner, stronger, healthier and more coordinated body. She feels better about herself as a mother and a wife.

Stephanie suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from a car accident in April 2000 that left her terribly uncoordinated.  Her means of mobility were a wheelchair for a couple months, then a walker, then a cane, then finally walking.  When she did walk without an assistive device, she had to really think about what she was doing. Running was much harder, so she didn’t try to run, which made her quite nervous to think about starting boot camp.

Her friend, Janice Factora, had been telling her about it for awhile and she had just brushed her off, confirming to herself that there was no way she could do something like that.  She finally got to a low point with her weight loss attempts.  Stephanie had gained 65 lbs from her last baby and was beyond frustrated! So she thought, “What the heck. I’ll try this boot camp crap.”  She called and talked to Ryan, asked him stupid questions and he was beyond friendly and helpful!  Stephanie prayed before her first workout and prayed while she was completing the workout.  It was ugly, but she felt awesome (and incredibly sore).

Stephanie loves the coaches.  She says they are very positive, help her with nutrition, her workouts and have given her “a slap on the hand”, when needing it regarding nutrition! The coaches are great, helpful and positive!  It is like an ego trip when I go.  I’ve not stopped going,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie tells us two of the things that have helped her accomplish her goals were God, and nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!  She says “I still have a lot to learn, but I’m closer and am seeing results.”  Stephanie attends boot camp sessions 2 plus times a week, completes the T30 workouts on at least 2 of her off-days, drinks a protein recovery shake after her workouts, prays when she has temptations and foam rolls her muscles. Stephanie says “A foam roller is a good investment!!!!”  Although Stephanie must admit that she does “cheat” a couple times per week, but if she cheats, she makes sure to get a workout in.

Stephanie said she enjoys the compliments and jokes “It’s very difficult to remain humble at times!”


Congratulations to Zion Factora the Force Fitness Athlete of the Month!

The entire team at Force Fitness and Performance is excited to announce that Zion Factora has been chosen as Athlete of the Month.  Zion has been chosen due to his hard work and amazing improvements he has made in the gym.

Zion, or “Big Z” as he is known around the gym, has been training with us for 2 years. Initially his parents, Tyrone and Janice, wanted him to improve in his basic movements for football and to see overall improvements in his athleticism.  His parents have noticed his improvements, and so have the entire Force team, and by football coaches. Z has been chosen to play Defensive Tackle for the Bachelor middle school football team despite being an entire foot shorter than any of the other kids on the defensive line.  Z has recorded plenty of sacks and tackles for loss from his defensive tackle position. All of this is possible because of the strength and explosiveness that Zion has developed while training at Force!

Z wants to continue to get stronger and faster so that he can continue to prove to others that size does not matter on the defensive line. He stays motivated by learning new techniques in the weight room.

We see a bright future for Z on the football field and in the weight room because of his hard work and dedication to being the best athlete he can be.  Congratulations Zion for being named the athlete of the month at Force Fitness!

Congratulations to Dominique Webberhunt the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Dominique Webberhunt has been with Force Fitness since April 2011. Since starting she has lost 40 pounds, gained strength, and changed her eating habits. Her future goals are to decrease her body fat percentage to 27% and she wants to be able to complete a Tough Mudder race next year.
Dominique really enjoys her fellow boot campers and the coaching that she receives with Force Fitness. She says Force has really helped her stay positive and loves that she is able to work hard and get rid of her stress at the same time. She finds it easier to push herself because she enjoys the atmosphere, the people and the coaching.
Dominique started attending Force because she is a pastry chef and is surrounded by carbs daily and a friend told her about Force. She was beyond nervous when she first started, but came to boot camp and now she looks forward to every session. She finds it extremely uplifting to see her strength increase and that she is able to push herself. She is amazed at her progress, as there have been many exercises that she never thought she would be able to do, and she can now complete these exercises.
Dominique has adjusted her diet to more of a Paleo/Primal diet. She attends boot camp 3 times a week and tries to add in at least one additional workout at home. She has also been taking Biotest protein, BCAA’s and a multivitamin.
Dominique has had several of her friends that have become members and attend the sessions with her. People that she has not seen in a while, like people from high school, end up doing a double take as they are amazed by her weight loss. Her family is really happy for her, and they started a competition within their family, to see who can become the healthiest family member by next summer. She is extremely happy about the changes she has made and is looking forward to her future fitness journey.

Congratulations to Hannah Goodman the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Hannah Goodman has been with Force Fitness since August 2011. She has lost 50 pounds and gained strength, but also gained a much needed confidence boost! She would love to continue to progress and lose an additional 50 pounds. She is possibly interested in doing the Tough Mudder Race in the future at some point, as well.
Hannah loves all the people at Force. She says it is difficult to find a gym atmosphere that is conducive to change but also non-judgmental, and she has found that at Force. She also says that the workouts have gotten to be fun as well.
Hannah started coming to Force because her weight and lifestyle had really gotten out of control and she needed to have the structure and support to help take control. She also has multiple friends that are now attending the boot camp, and one needed a ride at the time when she started, so it was a good time to take back control.
Hannah says she was not nervous when she first started, but she was generally overwhelmed by her goals. She now feels more hopeful and confident in reaching her training goals. She also has more energy, increased endurance, and is stronger. She is ready to keep moving forward and reaching toward the next 50 pounds.
Hannah attends boot camp 3 nights a week. She also has 1 to 2 days a week of strength training. She also gets in 30 to 60 minutes of light cardio 6 days a week, to help reach her goals. She has adjusted her nutrition to low-calorie, low carbohydrates/high protein diet; small meals and lots of water. She is also taking a multivitamin, omega-3, DHA, calcium, and probiotic supplements and a protein powder.
Hannah says that her friends and family give her “enthusiastic praises of hotness and encouragement!” Her friends have also helped keeping her motivated in a huge way.
We are excited to see Hannah continue to reach her fitness goals, and continue working hard!



Brad Hawking

Lost: 7.6 pounds; reduced body fat by 1.6%; 1.5 inches from arm; 4 inces from waist; 2.5 inches from belly button; 3 inches from hip. Total of 11 inches lost!

Cheryl Hinds

Lost: 23.4 pounds; 2 inches from arm; 4.5 inches from waist; 3.25 inches from belly button; 3. 75 inches from hips; 4.5 inches from thigh. That is 17.5 total inches lost!

Dave Conner

Lost: 22.2 pounds; reduced body fat by 5.6%; 1 inch from arm; 5 inches from waist; 2 inches from belly button; 1.5 inches from hips; 1.5 inches from thigh. Total of 11 inches lost!

Justice St.John

Lost: 15.6 pounds; reduced body fat by 2.6%; .025 inches from arm; 3.75 inches from waist; 4 inches from belly button; 3 inches from hips; .5 inches from thigh. Total of 11.5 inches lost!

Sean Price

Lost: 11.4 pounds; reduced body fat by 4%; .25 inches from arm; 6.75 inches from waist; 3.5 inches from belly button; 2. 75 inches from hips; .5 inches from thigh. Total of 13.75 inches lost!

Stephanie Leonard

Lost: 13.4 pounds; reduced body fat by 3.4%; 1 inch from arm; 2.5 inches from waist; 6 inches from belly button; 3 inches from hips. Total of 12.5 inches lost!

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