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Congratulations to Anthony Pizzo the Force Fitness Athlete of the Month!

Force Fitness would like to congratulate Anthony Pizzo our athlete of the Month.  Anthony was selected by the staff at Force Fitness for his outstanding progress and dedication to training.

Anthony’s goals when he began training were to get his total body stronger, as well as improving his speed for competition in track and field.  Anthony competes and excels in multiple events for the Bloomington South track team. Anthony has been a top 5 finisher at the National championships the last 2 years as a decathlete (10 grueling events!). The decathlon requires both strength and speed more than any other sporting event.

Anthony has trained almost year round with Force Fitness to make sure that he can accomplish his sporting goals. This dedication will ensure his success on the track.

Anthony is motivated by the constant pursuit of new barriers, setting new personal records in track and being successful overall.  Anthony’s interests don’t stop at the finish line in track though, he is a very talented musician, and an aspiring screenwriter.  With his incredible work ethic and dedication Anthony will most definitely be a state qualifier in track and field this year.

Congratulations Anthony!


Congratulations to Mehgan Truesdel the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Mehgan Truesdel came to Force Fitness about four months ago. She has lost all of the body fat that she set out to lose, and gained a lot of muscle. She has also gained an interest in exercise, which she used to dread.

Mehgan first joined Force Fitness to get in shape for the Colts cheerleading tryouts that are in January, and hopes the judges will be pleased with the outcome. She has decided that if she does not make the team, that she will continue with Force because she has experienced amazing results physically and mentally.

Mehgan started at Force after her brother started attending the sports performance program. She knew that if her brother, who dreaded exercise more than her, really liked the training, that she would probably enjoy it also; and she really enjoys it.

Mehgan was nervous when she started, but she is so pleased with her results. She never thought she would make it this far in her training. She trains three times a week with Force, and then jogs for 30 minutes twice a week. She also has changed her diet from fast food to healthy choices for five small meals/snacks a day. She says that the nutrition was the hardest part, but feels much better.

Mehgan has received many compliments from her friends and family, and her parents have started the same nutrition plan that she has implemented. We encourage Mehgan to keep working toward her goals and helping her family with the nutrition changes.

Congratulations to Michelle Hamric the Force Fitness Co-Boot Camper of the Month!

Michelle started at Force Fitness with our 28 Day Challenge that started in September and she has lost 15 pounds and several inches! She is happy that her clothes fit better and that she is able to fit in clothes she has not been able to wear for awhile.

Michelle would like to continue with her workout plan and nutrition to progress with her workout goals. She is setting an example for her family and patients and wants to encourage other people to make simple choices that have profound positive effects.

Michelle enjoys that the trainers have all been very encouraging even when she is not feeling her best. She also enjoys that the other members are very positive and encouraging. She is happy to work out in a place that does not question you about previous bad choices, instead the focus is on encouraging and that you have made the choice to make these life changes.

Michelle was nervous when she started because she has rheumatoid arthritis and often has issues with joint pain, and even though her doctor encouraged her to exercise, it was hard to think about exercising when your joints hurt. Now, she really enjoys getting up and working out, and found that her joints hurt much less.

Michelle attends boot camp twice a week, sometimes three times, and follows the nutrition plan to achieve her goals. She plans to continue following the nutrition plan, and meeting with the nutritionist. Her family and friends are very encouraging, and she tracks her progress on facebook and receives support from all over. We encourage her to keep working hard!

Congratulations to Ted Berry the Force Fitness Co-Boot Camper of the Month!

Ted Berry came to Force Fitness in September for our 28 Day Challenge and signed up for a year membership after two weeks.  He has lost 23 lbs and is two notches down on his belt!  Ted would like to lose about 20 more pounds before his 2012 Spring Break Trip to the Bahamas.

Ted says he loves coming to Force Fitness for his boot camp sessions.  He enjoys how the staff is always polite and helpful.  He really enjoys all the campers that in his boot camp time.   He says that several of them arrive early to stretch and share stories with each other.  That is the community that is needed to have success.

Ted first cam to Force Fitness because he saw the results that a co-worker had after working at Force Fitness for several months.  He decided why not, and came to the boot camp orientation.  He was a nervous wreck when he attended orientation and his first class, because he thought that it was going to be really hard and no fun at all!   After two months he says he cannot imagine missing a session, and that he looks forward to attending.

Ted attends boot camp two days a week, and then tries to attend the Saturday drop in class as well.  He immediately made changes to his nutrition after orientation.  He started eating protein at every meal and limited himself to one cheat meal per week.  He also takes Prograde Metabolism, a multi vitamin, fish oil and has a protein shake every morning.

Ted has been encouraged by his family and friends to keep working hard has referred other people to Force Fitness.  We also encourage Ted to keep working hard and are happy with his results.


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