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I read an article by John Berardi Ph.D. recently about the new My Plate program that is being launched by the USDA.   It is nice to see that we are heading away from the terrible food pyramid and crap that we used to recommend to the public and leaning a little more towards healthy eating habits.

The problem with the new guides are very easily recognized by those that understand fat loss nutrition and healthy eating at its core.   It is commendable that the USDA is attempting to move towards a healthier, which isn’t saying much, guide than with the pyramid, however they don’t really state what the guide is meant for (what goal is it accomplishing) or why the change was made.  

It seems that the USDA tried to make all the food companies happy by making the plate equally focused on all the food groups.  No one should be left out when talking about healthy eating right?

Dr. Berardi pointed out some pretty big holes in the new My Plate:

  1. Where are the healthy fats?
  2. What about water?
  3. Why fruit juice or fruit?
  4. High carbs for everyone?
  5. Why so much dairy?

I will quickly try to summarize his remarks:

  1. There is no mention of healthy fats anywhere!  Nothing of fish oil, olive oil or any other healthy fat.  Studies show that we need a moderate amount of healthy fats, especially an increase in omega-3 fats for a healthy diet.
  2. Water is a nutrient so why is it not represented? 
  3. Are they implying that there is no difference nutritionally between fruit juice, canned, or dried fruits and fresh fruits?   I am not sure about that one.
  4. The suggestion of grains and fruit with every meal has a strong suggestion that high carb nutrition plans are great for everyone. I think that we can see, even with simple real world evidence, that this is not the case. 
  5. Millions of people cannot properly digest lactose and are allergic to dairy so why would we make the recommendation that everyone should have it?   I don’t think this justifies its own food group.

Instead of just poking holes in the ne My Plate regimen Dr. Berardi took it upon himself and his team to create his own plate system.   This is an amazing resource that keeps nutrition simple for anyone and makes it easy to follow and understand.

There is even a plant based plate!


It might seem like I have a small (maybe large) man crush on John Berardi.  Maybe I do! 

Dr. Berardi is one of the most intelligent and successful nutritionists in the world.  He not only helps people transform their bodies and perform well in their sports, but he educates coaches and trainers across the globe on how to provide great nutrition coaching to their clients.   I myself started my weight loss journey on his program Precision Nutrition.  

Precision Nutrition is one of the easiest and most maintainable nutritional programs around that teaches you how to eat and why you should eat the way we do for great success.  Not only do you get success but you learn how to change your plan and modify it for differing goals and continued progress.   I am a success story for John and am not afraid to say that it is because of Precision Nutrition that I have maintained my weight loss and helped thousands of others lose unwanted wait as well.

We are now working almost half our staff through the Precision Nutrition Coaching program and learning as much about nutrition as we can.  We have also started our coaching groups for nutrition and seen great success.

Don’t be surprised if you see more Precision Nutrition or John Berardi references around this blog in the future.

Make sure to print off the PN Anytime Plates and Post Workout Plates for reference to get you to your goals!

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