New Year, New You Challenge Finalists

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Congratulations to our New Year, New You Challenge Finalists!

Our 5 finalists for the New Year, New You Challenge have been selected!  See their results below.

This 6 week challenge produced incredible changes not only in these 5 but in the dozens that participated.  The changes and improvements didn’t just come from weight lost or great before and after pictures either.  People became more confident, learned to eat for optimal performance, reduced health issues, and got one step closer to being the strong, confident and beautiful person that they are right now!

The mirror and camera show us a lot about the changes that were made but the ultimate change happens inside when you learn how to be healthy, fit and happy!

D Heidenreich FrontD Heidenreich What does Daniel say about the challenge?

I started at Force Fitness not only for myself, but for my family. I wanted a new lease on life, to become healthier, and more fit. At 27 years old, I am aware of my family history of heart disease and diabetes. With genetics side, I want to beat my family history. Force Fitness has given me the tools to do just that. During this challenge I was able to learn more about my body and what I was capable of. The first week was a tough one for me, but I made it through and each week after that got easier; I could do more and I challenged myself more. I can contribute my results to a change in diet, hard work, dedication and our awesome MRT trainer, Matt, who was there to push me when I didn’t think I could keep going! Anyone that is looking to lose weight and doesn’t know just were to start, should definitly look into the wonderful people at Force Fitness. The blueprint is layed out for you to follow and then the work is up to you. I enjoyed trying some new foods as apart of this challenge, but going to the workouts every week was also very rewarding. I would like to thank Force Fitness for this life changing opportunity!



D Chenault D Chenault Side

What does Desiree say about the challenge

This is so exciting! Josh and I are both forever changed because of this challenge, so even if neither of us win we still actually do win because our lifestyles are so much better because of all of you!!! Here is my paragraph about my experience…

I took part in the challenge for two reasons, one because my second child had just turned 7 months and I decided it was time to do something for me and two because my husband and I have always been complete opposite eaters and I needed something to motivate him to step over to my side. I love vegetables, fruits, and variety, and well he is your typical “meat and potatoes guys” as long as they are both smothered in bacon and cheese! I told him about it, he said he’d be all in so we signed up the next day. I have always had a passion for physical fitness and health and wellness overall, but when you have kids you end up putting yourself last. I have also spent the last 4 years focusing on finishing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, so as you can see my gym time got bumped off the daily schedule. My husband and I both stopped working out “because it no longer fit in our schedules”, and I knew if either of us were going to make a change for the better we had a much better chance if we did it together. Plus, I admit we are really busy, but we have time for it, it just takes the motivation, discipline, and a desire to be better every single day.

The Sunday before the challenge started we cleaned out our entire house. Every single thing and we could not and should not eat left. We made a donate box and a trash box. Then we of course had just about nothing in our pantry or refrigerator, which felt really weird. I’ve always been that type of mom that has everything and more in stock “just in case.” I felt lost at first, scared that we were all going to be hungry and have nothing to eat. I know that may sound strange, but as a mom you are always making sure everyone is fed! This took a few weeks to adjust to, but I have to say I love it so much more this way. I love shopping at the local co-op, I love buying 1-2 bags of groceries at a time, and why? Because we have cut back on the amount of food we are wasting by about 95%!!!! Every time I would grocery shop I would overflow my cart, and this was every 1-2 weeks. Then when I got home I would fill up a trash bag full of stuff that had gone bad before we could eat it. I always hated this, but for some reason I never did anything about it either. Now, it is so rare for me to throw away a piece of food that has gone bad before we could eat it. This is because we plan our meals about 3-4 days at a time, shop for the foods on our list only, make the meals I planned on making, and then we actually eat it all!!! I love this change because I feel like a must better consumer now, and my guilt of wasting is gone.

As for the fitness part of the challenge, I just had to literally make and allow myself to have time for me. I decided to go in the early morning while everyone is still asleep. This required a little more discipline as I have to make sure that I go to bed at a decent hour because sleep is such a vital part in all of this too. I love MRT, period. I love that the exercises change every month, I love the trainers, and I love the members that motivate me and push me a little further every single time I step in the building. When I first started I had hip mobility, now I do not. I am also training for a half marathon at the end of April. I am not a distance runner and have no desire to do this again. It’s simply something I want to achieve because I am done having kids and I want to do it for myself, physically and mentally. Well because of that I am also going to physical therapy because I have a bad knee. I basically have a bad knee because my hamstrings are way too tight and my quads are not strong enough. Since I started at Force my running has improved immensely!!! I used to have to run/walk even my lower milage runs. Now I RUN, and I run with strength. I can feel how powerful my legs are with every step. I have also taken several minutes off of my pace, yes you read that right several MINUTES! Plus, my physically therapist measures the angle of my leg (this is slightly similar to how you all measure for hip mobility) and I went from 50 degrees to 71 degrees in the 6 weeks I was in the challenge! He was amazed.

Lastly, I want you all to know some of the things I love most about doing this challenge. I love that I lost 2 pant sizes, multiple inches, changes my body composition to consist of more muscle and less fat, have regular non-painful poos, have gotten rid of my acne, have improved my run, have completely cleaned up how my entire family eats, can really really taste and appreciate real food now, and have found a gym that I look forward to going to. Most of all though I love that I was able to do this with my husband. We have truly changed our lifestyle for the better and there is no going back!!! When I signed up for this challenge I told Jake I was going to win, and I did. However, when I told him I that I meant I was going to be #1 overall, now I say I win because our lives have changed forever. You see you all didn’t just change me, you changed my husband too, which more importantly has changed the home environment that our two young children will grow up in. Now they will be set up for success before they ever even know failure. When Josh and I signed up for the challenge we also signed up to join Force after the challenge for 6 months. We have loved it so much we changed our contracts for a year. Thank you all for this amazing experience! I would and will absolutely recommend Force to our friends and family! I look forward to making even more progress at Force in the next year to come, watch out!!! I will leave you all with my favorite quote by Ghandi because you have helped me live up to it more and more every single day…”Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


J Chenault Side J Chenault Front

 What does Josh say about the challenge?

I can’t believe I made it to the top 5!  I am very happy with the results I received from the 6 week challenge. I very excited to see where I am after 6 months. I hope to have a six pack and be lean!

I do have to thank my wife for talking me into doing the challenge. My wife, Desiree, had been trying for a long time to get me to eat healthier. I tried a couple of times but I was so hard headed and loved to eat  unhealthy food such as pizza and almost anything with cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce. So, my wife had mentioned the New Year New You challenge to me and told me about the details. The time was almost perfect for us since she was going to be beginning her internship for her master’s degree. I do have to say that I was skeptical at first until I met with Jake for my initial meeting and after attending the orientation. I became very interested when I saw the depth of knowledge and motivation the coaches and staff presented. Also, the scheduled worked for both Desiree and I. We have two children (boy- 9 months and girl- 4 years old) so we had to manage our workout schedule around our work schedules and child care. Desiree participated in the 6:00 a.m. class and I went to the 5:15 p.m. class in order to have one of us at home with our children.

Also, my wife asked me to take part in the challenge and she said she would be beat me. We are both very competitive so I took the challenge with her. I had the mind set that I probably wouldn’t win because I am a little guy but I was going to compete against my wife. After the first three days of the challenge it then became a challenge/competition with myself. I was determined to make the lifestyle change and I wouldn’t let myself fail. I struggled with the desire to eat all the unhealthy foods I used to eat. We had thrown away everything in the house that was bad which ended up being almost everything! So, there was no temptation in the house. I do have to say that the food preparation with my wife had motivated me to try the new diet. Once I tried the new meals I was impressed and realized that the healthy food did taste good. The best part of the diet for me was that I could still eat meat and especially bacon. After that first week I knew that I could go the whole 6 weeks and more with the new diet.

The diet and must I say the strict diet is what made me have such great results. Not once did I cheat or eat something not in the  living lean blueprint. I was focused and determined to maximize my results. I was very impressed with the changes I seen and felt after one week into the challenge. Those results validated the challenge for me and further motivated me to stick with it. Having the food prepared was a great advantage for me since my family is very busy. We had to change our priorities and plan to be able to fit food prep into our schedules. I was very impressed with the results after six weeks and I could hardly believe that I achieved these results by only working out 3 times a week and eating healthy foods.

I would highly recommend the next challenge to my family, friends, and co-workers! I am just a little guy and I lost weight and inches in only six weeks. I can only imagine how this challenge could change someone who is bigger than me.

My most favorite part of the challenge was when my wife and I checked in half way through the challenge to get our measurements. Both of us had seen what was happening! The success after only three weeks was very satisfying and motivating. The best part was that I had seen a drastic change in my gut and love handles. I had seen that I had great potential to have more results.

I do want to thank my wife for talking me into this challenge and all of the great people at Force Fitness. My wife, the coaches, staff, and my workout partners in the 5:15 p.m. class all helped me get through the first week and motivated me to get to where I am today!!! Not only did I lose weight and inches but I have improved my overall health. Competing in this 6 week challenge has changed my life and probably saved me from some unhealthy issues that would’ve resulted if I continued to eat the unhealthy foods I had ate for so long.

I look forward to the future results I am going to see! Also, I hope to inspire my family, friends, and co-workers to make a lifestyle change! If I can change my diet then anyone can do it- seriously anyone!

Joshua L. Chenault
Indiana Army National Guard
Bloomington, IN


R Dille Front R Dille Side

What does Rebecca say about the challenge?

Wow, this is awesome!

I signed up for the New Year New You Challenge to start my year off with a kick. My main goals were to get back into a workout routine and to clean up my eating habits. The challenge did both of those and then some. The workouts were challenging but everyone was super encouraging, which helped me keep going. Following the meal plan, I cut out all grains and processed sugars and, while tough, it definitely paid off. I have so much more energy now and I feel amazing!

Thanks Force Fitness!

R Belcher Front R Belcher Side

What does Ryan say about the challenge?

I am very pleased with my results from doing the New Year New You Challenge at Force Fitness.  I graduated from IU in 2007 and since that time I had steadily gained weight.  I work in an office and get no exercise at work and by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is go workout.   In the past, I have never done well with meal planning.  I often would skip breakfast, grab something quick or go eat out for lunch, and then decide what to do for dinner when my wife and I got home.  I’ve tried going on a diet and exercise plan several times in the past and a month or two in, I would be right back to my old ways.

I signed up for the challenge at Force because I wanted to find a routine that I could sustain.  The morning MRT workouts were perfect for me because I could get my day started and then head straight to the office.  The workouts are about 45 minutes long, which is perfect length for me.  I could get to the gym, pump out the workout, and get on with my day.  Also, the fact that we are only working out 3 days a week makes it sustainable to me.  I’ve tried at home workouts in the past where I am working out 5 or 6 days a week, and after a few weeks I would get burnt out and get out of the routine.

The most significant change for me came in the nutrition part of the plan.  Like I mentioned earlier, I had never been good at planning meals, I would always just wait until it was time for lunch or dinner and then decide what to do.  That meant eating out a lot and eating foods that converted easily to fat.  At the beginning of the challenge, someone said to me “you get ripped in the gym, but you lose fat in the kitchen” and that really resonated with me.  I went to the store, planned out my meals, and was eating foods to fuel my body, not because they tasted good.  Even when I’m not able to plan my meals, there are ways to make healthy choices.

I would certainly recommend the Force MRT program to anyone.  If you can commit to showing up to the workouts and making the necessary adjustments in your eating habits, you will get the results you are looking for.  Not only have I shed some weight that I have been wanting to lose for years, but I now feel much better and have a ton more energy.  Thanks to all of the people at Force and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey!

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