No Time to Workout? Try These 3 Strategies

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Feeling like your schedule is crushing your time to workout?  Here are a couple of strategies to use to help you move, feel good, and continue to make some progress even when your days seem too full.


You can get a lot of good work done even if you just have ten minutes. I’ve found that ten minutes is a short enough period of time that everyone agrees they can fit it in somewhere.  

Step one: assess how you are feeling at the time. I like to rate myself on the Traffic Light Scale. Am I GREEN (revving to go)? YELLOW (not firing on all cylinders quite yet)? RED (high stress, low sleep, nutrition out of whack, run down)?

Contrary to popular belief (as I have stated many times in this blog) – going hard all the time isn’t necessarily the BEST thing. If you are on a RED light day the best thing to do is go for a quick walk or grab 10 minutes of resets. Resets are movements that should help you feel better and don’t place a ton of load on the body. Here’s an example:

Resets: 20 Rockbacks, 5 Quadrant Rolls each side, and 5 Crocodile Breaths. Perform 2-3 cycles of this in the time allotted.

If you are a YELLOW light, this is a good time to do a moderate intensity session. I like to use either an “Every Minute on the Minute” structure or a Density Set. Here are a couple of examples:

EMOM: 5 push ups at the top of the minute, then rest the rest of the minute, for 10 minutes. (Change reps so that it is a bit of a challenge for you specifically.)

Density Set: 10 Squats, 10 Yard Crawl, 5 Quadrant Rolls as many rounds as you can maintain good quality reps for 10 minutes.  Don’t try to go all out but move through it and feel good.

If you are a GREEN light, do a quick warm up with some Lunge to T-Reach, Jump Rope, and light jogging/shuffle/carioca movements. Then hit an EMOM or a Density Set HARD for 10 minutes. Again, what you pick will depend on your goals but here are some examples:

EMOM: 5 Skater Jumps to each side, 10 Push Ups, Sprint 10 yards every minute at the top of the minute.

Density Set: 3 Pull Ups, 5 Skater Jumps to Each Side, Pick-Up-Something-Heavy-and-Carry-It x 15yards.  Pace yourself enough to maintain quality reps but otherwise go as fast as you can manage.



Grease the Groove is another great strategy to use when your schedule is packed tight. The goal is to pick a movement, or several movements, to work on over the course of an entire day rather than all at once. So every hour I might do 3 pull ups, for example. By the end of the workday I’ve done 24 pull ups, and it took almost no time at all. The key to Grease the Groove is to pick a movement that is challenging for you but to do LESS reps than you are capable of doing at any given time. Leave a little gas in the tank so that you can perform the reps again later that day.



Perhaps my personal favorite – just try to move and play more throughout the day! Dance in the kitchen while making dinner. Make an excuse to get some extra time playing with your kiddos or pets on the floor that night. Take the stairs. Get up and stretch and move often rather than getting stuck at the desk. Find every opportunity and excuse to do something just a little more physically taxing and demanding. At the end of the day, you’ll feel way better for it.

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