October Group Fitness Updates

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Upcoming Events:

  1. Bring a Friend Month
    • This Month we are running a bring a friend event. Each new friend that comes to a class with you will allow you to receive 15 dollars off your next monthly payment. Although you only get $15 once for each friend you bring, friends can train for free all month!
  2. Pumpkin Charity Workout
    • October 27th (Saturday) at 8:00am, Coach Branden will be leading our annual Pumpkin Charity Workout! Bring a friend and a pumpkin, because the whole workout is designed around using the pumpkin as your weight. We are raising money and collecting canned goods for the Monroe County Community Kitchen. There will also be a raffle with prizes from local businesses!

Looking into October Group Training:

  • BEATS: We are continuing with the HIIT Style for our finishers as we go along but are looking at throwing in more team finishers as we continue to change the group training area.
    • I am currently working with a few of our clients on a food log where I will be checking in with them on a bi-weekly basis to see where their nutrition needs improvement and help them create a healthy relationship with food without a diet. We offer this type of accountability to all of our clients for $50, so let a coach know if you are interested.
  • LIFT: We are working towards our Max out week towards the end of the month where we will be checking clients Trap Bar DL, Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Back Squat, Barbell Overhead Press.
  • RESTORE: This month we are focusing on more aggressive soft tissue work (using the lax ball for more than just feet) The core portion is now down to 2 rounds to provide more time for the stretching and mobility portion of the class.
  • ELEMENTS: Evening Elements will be changed to Hurricane. Since many of our clients are looking to build muscle definition and/or lose weight, we feel that most clients get more out of Hurricane. The class is a mix of muscular endurance and cardio work that is specifically designed to help clients reach those goals.

Force Junior Champions:

We currently have 6 kids enrolled in Force Junior Champions

  • They continue to improve their abilities to jump/land, crawl/roll, Throw/catch, and Chase/evade – all the fundamental movements of athletics.
  • The kids are having a blast in each class and really enjoy the games.
  • They are becoming better athletes each week and are starting to remember the movements and how to perform them.
  • We are looking to get more reactive this month whether that is chasing the other person or reacting to my cues. This will not only make the drills more engaging but will also push the kids to make decisions and use the movements we are working on at live speed.
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