One Day at a Time

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One day at a time is an extremely popular saying in a variety of contexts. The ideology behind the phrase makes a lot of sense – taking whatever concerns, responsibilities or goals you  have one day at a time. It is a fantastic phrase; but like most things, it is much easier said than done. Living one day at a time is challenging but worth it, especially when it comes to your individual fitness goals.

Whether you have a lofty goal or a small goal, thinking one day at a time is helpful in your pursuit. Taking steps toward your goal each day and being in the moment for that day can help you to do all the little things that it takes to reach the bigger goal that you have in mind. Big picture thinking is necessary because you’ll feel as if you are working towards something large and important, but taking smaller steps each day will help the end goal feel less daunting and more doable.

One day at a time is to be in the moment and building upon your bigger or long term goal brick by brick, piece by piece. Living one day at a time is a challenging venture, but the benefit of taking your goal or your life one day at a time could lead to a more enjoyable and fruitful experience as you are chasing your much larger goal.

— Coach Isaac

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