Overcoming Fat Loss Plateaus Part 1

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Anytime you are on a fat loss program and you are working towards a goal you will plateau.

It is inevitable.  It has happened to everyone.

Before we talk about how to overcome a plateau and bust through it we need to define what a fat loss plateau really is and what it isn’t.

It isn’t…

A slowing down of your weight or fat loss

You needing a change because you are bored

It is….

A stall in ALL progress for more than two weeks

No change in weight, fat lost, inches lost, or improvements in health or how you feel

Most people jump to the conclusion that their fat loss has plateaued before looking at the bigger picture.  They will assume because they are now only losing “1-2lbs per week” that they are plateauing.

Before making any changes to your nutrition or training plan you need to do a quick assessment of yourself.


1)   Are you following your nutrition plan 100%?

2)   Are you currently getting 8 hours minimum sleep each night?

3)   Is that sleep restful?

4)   Are you walking for 30 minutes each day outside?

5)   Are you performing 2-3 strength workouts each week?

6)   Are you meditating 10-15 minutes most if not all days of the week?

7)   Have you completed a 3 day food log for review?

If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions then you will want to make sure you are doing all of these things before making any further changes.

The order in which you should make changes will be the order that the questions are asked.   For instance before you add more workouts you need to make sure you are eating with 100% compliance.

Each time you feel like progress has stalled you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1)   Do I have more energy?

2)   Am I feeling stronger?

3)   Am I losing weight?

4)   Do my clothes fit better?

5)   Are my moods more stable or am I happier?

6)   Am I less stressed?

Asking yourself these questions may help you see progress that you did not know or realize you were making.  If you are not seeing progress in any area then you can go to the above checklist to ensure you are doing all of the basics to get results.

If you can answer yes to all of the questions in the check list above it is time to look at making a few changes. We will discuss those changes in part 2 of this post later in the week.

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