Overcoming Fat Loss Plateaus Part 3

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We discussed your plateau check list and nutrition changes in Part 1 and Part 2 , you can check those out if needed.

It is also possible to add in some extra training to get the fat loss results you want. This typically would be recommended after starting Phase 1 of the Advanced Fat Loss Nutrition protocol and before phase 2.

Advanced Cardio Program

Who is the advanced cardio program for?

This program if for someone that has completed AT LEAST 30 days of strict eating according to the Living Lean Blueprint or your current nutrition plan, is getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, has introduced meditation, is NOT under high stress at work or home and is performing 3 strength training workouts per week.

Unless you can check off all of those things and you are already walking 30+ minutes a day outdoors you should not be on the plan.  Go back and focus on the things that you can do that will help you lose weight without adding more stress to your program.

If you have all of those things mastered then you can follow this protocol to help you burn more fat and reach your goals.

Week 1-3

In the first weeks you will only be adding in one day of sprinting to your program.  This sprinting should ideally be done outside and on grass. There are several areas in the Bloomington area that work well for this including Bryan Park or Bachelor Middle School.  If you must run up a hill on asphalt or side walk that is acceptable but may be hard on your joints.

A track will work okay but may be a bit harder on the hips and knees than uphill running in grass.

Warming up well is critical when sprinting.  This is NOT JOGGING!  You must be working a high intensity for this to work, but you might have to build up into actual sprinting.  The perceived effort is what really matters.

Remember that training smart is critical.  If you go out and try to beat the world record on day one and blow out your hamstring that puts out of training for several weeks and will truly stall your progress.  We would rather you gradually increase the intensity so that you can train consistently and get better for weeks to come!

Before starting your sprinting program you will need to foam roll and then follow the following warm up:

1)   Jumping Jacks 30s

2)   Bodyweight Squat x 20

3)   Knee Hugs x 20

4)   Heel to Butt x 20

5)   High Knee Run x 20

6)   Walking Lunges with Overhead Reach x 10

7)   Reverse Lunges with Twist x 10

8)   Side Shuffle x 20 yards each way

9)   Progressively faster sprints of 40 yards x 3 (Start at 50% and increase 15-20% each time)

For the actual workout you will perform:

6 x 60 yard sprints with at least 90s rest between sprints

The goal is to recover between each sprint so that you can go all out on the next sprint.  Do not rush your recovery in this first week!

You will perform this workout ONCE each week for the first 3 weeks.  Every week add 1 sprint to your sprint workout

Weeks 4-8

Perform the same warm up for this phase.

Now you are going to perform 2 sprint workouts each week.   Hills, a football field or a track will work best for these workouts.

Sprint Workout 1

3x 100 yards  90s rest between sets

2x  75 yards   60s rest between sets

2 x 40 yards   30s rest between sets


Sprint Workout 2

Sprint 20s

Walk 120s

Repeat 8 times

During this phase you will work to increase the intensity of the sprints but you will not add time or sets each week.





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