Overcoming Obstacles to Reach your Fitness Goals

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A Guest Post by Branden Price

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As most of you know I have spent my life dedicated to the studying of martial arts and its different teachings and lessons. I started when I was 9 years old as a means to release excess energy and give my life more structure and discipline through its rigid structure. As I progressed through the ranks and branched off to learn different styles I have had the ability to really learn about myself both inside and outside.

Many of you know that over the past weekend I had the opportunity to display my abilities in a tournament that was in a different art than what I have competed in over the years. Though the event required physical ability and technical skill it actually required more internal confidence and determination to see it through to the end, then many other events that I have participated in. This is what I would like to pass along, is the glimpse of the martial artist mind set as it applies to staying focused and dedicated to your training path, as it leads to your goal.

In the tournament, my mental determination and internal drive were tested far beyond any other tournament I have had in my life. It really made me dig deep to find my internal drive and the warrior within. I had to find the strength to overcome the odds and come out on top, not once but twice against the obstacle (opponent) that stood before me. While I was competing in my match I went to my “happy” place and was able to control my body, breathing, and mind in order to truly become a champion and overcome the odds that I saw were against me. Though my opponent resembled a taller version of Stone Cold Steve Austin from WWE, I knew he needed to be the only obstacle that I was facing and I had to have the right mindset when approaching the match.  Now I know that not everyone’s obstacle is going to be a Stone Cold Steve Austin replica standing before them, but we all face obstacles that stand in our way when it comes to reaching toward our goals.

We have all been there when you are over half way through the workout and your body feels like it cannot continue. This is where the “martial artist” mindset comes into action. If you are reading this post than you have already started to take the hard steps forward and began the path to a healthier lifestyle. There are going to be obstacles and challenges that are designed to test your drive and determination along the road. Your duty when these obstacles and challenges present themselves is to look them directly in the eye and not give up! These challenges may seem impossible at first glance, but you have to decide that nothing will get in your way to accomplishing your goals. I could have let my opponent win at my match if I had become overwhelmed by his appearance and size, but I knew that I had put in the time and training and that I was not going to go down without a fight!

This same philosophy applies when attacking your workouts. Do not let the mental obstacles take you down without a fight! My challenge to all of you this week, is to start on a mission to overcome that obstacle or wall that you feel is blocking you when you’re in the midst of your training battle. Do not let the small voice in your head fill you with doubt and excuses as to why you should give up. Instead silence that small voice and go to your inner sanctuary (happy place) where the warrior spirit dwells and push through to accomplish the amazing feats that all of you are capable of achieving if you simply believe in your own abilities.

In short in my path as a martial artist I am yielded few second opportunities or times to doubt my abilities when it comes to competitions or sparring matches. I have to have an unyielding belief that I can accomplish amazing things by simply believing in myself and acting instead of making excuses. I have seen incredible transformations occur in our members here at Force that reminds me that the true power is not accomplished through title, physical abilities, or other means. True power is derived from individuals not accepting average but instead reaching for greatness one step at a time.

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  • Angie Reynolds

    Congrats Branden! Great article! Inspiring!

  • Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

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