Part II: Tools to jack up your heart rate for fat loss training

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In the second part of the blog on increasing your cardio sans running or biking involves bells and bodies.

One of the loves of my training life has been the kettlebell.  There always seems to be a way to work it into your training program to get fantastic results.  It is also one of the best tools to strength endurance and to get that heart pumping.

With kettlebell training much of it is focused on being efficient and performing long sets of intense movements that require the body to use many muscle groups.  This is awesome for fat loss.  If we can use more muscle and go longer that means more calories are being burned.

Setting up complexes and kettlebell exercises in an interval session are great ways to use this tool

A complex is a series of movements that blends together and can be done with simple transitions.

There are two types of complexes.

1)      Sequence: A complex that requires you perform one rep of each movement before moving to repetition number two.  (1 Swing, 1 Snatch, 1 Press, 1 Squat , repeat for number of reps)

2)      Succession:  A complex that requires you to perform all the required reps on a single movement before moving to the next one.   (5 swings, 5 snatches, 5 presses, 5 squats.)


When setting up these complexes you usually want to place the higher skilled movements in the beginning and save the easier movements for later.  You also want to think about the flow of the movements.

A great complex is clean, squat, press, swing.

Another:  Snatch, Press, Squat, Clean Swing

Another:   Snatch, Windmill, Jerk, Squat, Swing

If you don’t know what some of these are that is okay.  You don’t have to perform fancy moves with the kettlebell to get a lot of use out of it.  You mostly just need to know how to swing.  The others are just bonus for at home use.

If you do like using kettlebells you should seek out a professional that knows how to properly coach you on use and technique.

When you guys find that person please let me know who it is!

That was joke for those of you that are already so bored to tears with my writing that you can’t pick up on some sarcasm.

The last of my favorite tools is the one that you have with you every day.  No, not your significant other.  Your body.

You can do so many things with just your bodyweight that there is no excuse for not getting in a workout in a pinch.

Pairing up different movements that are not using the same muscles will allow you to increase your heart rate and still recover well enough to push yourself to the limit safely.

One of my favorite bodyweight complexes is the leg matrix.  This thing is miserable.

You have to be able to jump safely to perform this and it isn’t for everyone but if you push hard and are able to do it you can get that heart rate flying high!

Perform 24 squats, 24 lunges, 24 split jumps and 24 jump squats in a row as fast as possible.  Try not to stop during the set.    You will want to, I promise!

Time yourself and then rest for twice as long as it took you for the first set and repeat the set again.  That is about all should be able to handle.

Good luck walking right tomorrow!

Watch out for part three coming up in a few days when I show you my top three moves for picking up the ladies…. Wait that is a different blog, I meant top three for increasing your heart rate.


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