Part Three: I got the moves to burn fat!

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Moves that get your heart rate up…. That is actually the title of the documentary about my dance moves.  I was told I could use it for this blog post as well.

I have a few go to moves, just like on the dance floor, that I seem to always use when planning out my own training and our clients.

I love using the KB Swing to get the heart racing and work on that booty!  If you are going to be dancing you have to fill out the tight pants!

The swing is a simple move that works on many of the muscle groups that are underdeveloped and poorly used by many people that we see walk in the gym.  It focuses on the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, and upper back) as well as core.   There is so much going on in the simple movement that it is tough to not include it in your routine almost daily.

It is a movement that can be progressed quickly and also done for various lengths of time based on the progressions.  15-120s isn’t unreasonable.

I have even had a few people swing for up to 10 minutes straight.

The second movement that I love for pushing the limits of your cardio is the burpee.  So simple, yet so miserable.

A burpee requires you to squat down, jump your feet back, perform a full push up, jump your feet back in , squat up and jump.  That is one rep.










A whole going on with a whole lot of muscle groups!  The result is a jacked up heart rate and some serious fat burning.

There are a ton of variations to keep this interesting as well.  Do them without the jump and push up for speed, add in a medicine ball, add dumbbells, do them with one arm, one leg, or one arm and one leg.  I have done them with a kettlebell, twisting my hips at the bottom, and even with one foot in a suspension system!

The options are endless and you can make this really challenging.

They never seem to get easier!

This takes all of about 36 sq feet to do and very little time.  Do a tabata (20s all out work / 10s complete rest x 8 rounds) of burpees and let me know how you are feeling.

Don’t underestimate the power of the burpee!

My final big money cardio exercise is the mountain climber.

I love this one because it can also be done anywhere and we can perform a ton of variations.

The mountain climber, when done correctly, is a core burner!  The goal should be to have no movement between your hips and your shoulders.  It should be completely stable as you drive your legs as fast as possible.   The foot that is moving should not touch the ground and you want to keep your hands directly under your shoulders.





If you do this it will be challenging for you to go very fast for very long.

Start out at and incline to reduce the load on your core and move slowly.  As you progress you can move to the floor in a push up position and get some quality work in!

A few variations:  cross body mountain climbers, hands on med ball mountain climbers, band resisted mountain climbers, feet elevated mountain climbers, feet in suspension system mountain climbers, spiderman mountain climbers, and many more.

Cross Body:






Generally the fast you go and the higher your feet are off the ground the tougher this is.   Try going fast with your feet on a step or chair.  Do that a few times with the focus being on keeping your core tight and let me know your abs feel the next day.

You could simply put these three movements together in a circuit and get in a great workout.

Perform 30s of swings, rest 15s, 30s of burpees, rest 15s, 30s of mountain climbers, rest 60s and repeat a few times.

Now you should have all the information you need to put together a crazy workout that gets skyrockets your heart rate, melts some fat and is great for your core!

I can promise that I am doing these moves and more on my vacation to stay in shape as I work on my curls.


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