Rock Solid Abs Part 2

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Our next installment in the Rock Solid Ab series is all about the side plank!

The side plank is working on resisting lateral flexion of the spine as well as resisting rotation.

These are great for the olbiques and really challenge the core to work!   Many of these progressions will be challenging for even the most advanced trainee.  If you want to get rock solid abs and perform like a champion these are must in your program.

As with the plank variation we showed you a few days ago it is imperative that you get your body in the right positions.  We want a straight line from the furthest point of your body to the ears.  In a proper side plank the shoulders are stacked right on top of each other, your hips are right in line with your shoulders and then right in line with your knees and ankles.  Squeezing the glutes is a great way to ensure you stay in proper alignment.

Check out these variations and give them a try!

Stay tuned for part three where we incorporate more toys to get even more creative!

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