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In the newsletter today I wrote about achieving abs like “The Situation” without doing any stupid crunches or gimicky routines with TV informercial crap!

I am certain that most people go about training their abs incorrectly and even dangerously!

Sit ups and crunches are no longer in our training programs. Go to any gym across the country to watch dozens of overweight people do crunches hoping to eliminate their midsections and get ripped. Go back one year later and the same people are doing the same thing, but this time they have more pain in their necks and back! Still overweight and trying to do a billion crunches.

The way that we train abs is to do the following:

1) Resist Hyperextension
2) Resist Rotation
3) Do these things while integrating movement.

We are training to stabilize!

While there are certainly more components to training your core than just these two things this is a large part of our focus.

The latest research by Stu Mcgill is showing that we only have a certain number of flexions of the spine (think crunches and sit ups) before an injury occurs. Call me silly, but I am not going to test my limits and see how many that is for myself or my clients!

We want to train the core to first stabilize, then stabilize with added movement, and then stabilize while integrated in with other movements.

One of my friends and colleagues, Alwyn Cosgrove, just released a book called The New Rules of Lifting for Abs. It is a great book that explains in more detail what we are talking about. It was nice to see that we are already doing much of what is explained and suggested. We also picked up a few things and have placed them in the programs at Force Fitness.

It is important to note that you might have to move back a level or two to really get the most our of some of these exercises. You must get in proper position and focus on stabilizing the core to have rock solid abs. Don’t let your ego get in the way of having great working and great looking abs!

The greatest part about this series is that you can get all the equipment you need locally for about $30! The stability ball can be found anywhere and is cheap. The bands that we are using in some of the videos is from and costs about $10, and the sliders are from Lowe’s for about $10.
The first video segment is geared towards the progression of a simple exercise called the plank. The plank focuses on anterior (front) core strength and stability. This simple movement can be made very difficult with a few little tweaks.

Later we will introduce more core work using the sliders and bands and even a few stability ball movements. As the series goes on we will also show you more integrated and difficult core exercises.
Check out a few of these exercises. A few sets of this type of core work each day will go a long way in having rock solid abs!

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