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Thanks for coming over to the blog today!  It is our pleasure to have one of our most promising team members and overall awesome guy, Scott Gray do a guest blog post for us today!

Without futher ado… Scott Gray (all the ladies may ohhh, ahhh, and faint now!)


Recently, one of our adult clients had performed perfect push-up technique which often times is an exercise that gets a strong reputation as primarily only a chest exercise and is performed incorrectly.With that being said, many don’t realize that this exercise has some merit as a core stabilization exercise and as well as increasing muscle function of the ,serratus anterior, which prevent the shoulder blade from becoming prominent on the concentric phase of the lift (upwards movement of the lift).

Moreover, the push-up is used here at, Force Fitness and Performance, as a great assessment protocol as it allows us to test and see a couple of different things. For instance, when someone does a push-up and their lower back sags or hyper extends, then this is an automatic red flag that their abdominal musculature are not doing their job in stabilizing the spine. As mentioned above, when the scapula pops out of the upper back, too often it is due to not having control of the appropriate musculature that control the shoulder blade and commonly the serratus anterior is the culprit.

Here is a video of Lori doing perfect technique in the push-up. As you can see from the side view, her body is strait as an arrow and her lower back in not hyper extending. From the back view, her shoulder blades pinch together as she lowers herself and, as she comes up, her shoulder blades don’t become prominent, which is all around an excellent job by Lori. So next time you are performing push-ups in the gym, hopefully you will pay attention to a few of these minor details in trying to perfect the perfect push up form.

On a side note, the push-up is a great and easy exercise to incorporate into your workouts and can easily be progressed to increase the difficulty of the lift. If your goal is to develop max strength, muscleendurance, muscle hypertorhpy, then the push-up is an easy exercise that you can perform at home orin the gym to help satisfy your goals.

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