September Client Of the Month-Chris Quackenbush!

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Congratulations to Chris Quackenbush the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Chris started training at Force Fitness about 14 months ago after a few meetings with us as he began to help Ryan and Wil with some finacial investments.  (Chris is an excellent financial advisor, just in case anyone might be looking!)   He wanted to recover from a few injuries he incurred while training for a marathon and regain some size and strength.

Since that time Chris has drastically changed his body training a few times a week.  He has lost about 10 lbs of fat and added on around 13 lbs of muscle mass to his frame.  His physique is completely different and he is as strong as he has even been while still remaining very fit!   He has doubled his strength levels on many of the lifts he performs on a regular basis.

Chris is now focused on increasing his strength further, improving flexibility and adding a bit more mass.  He is striving to drop the last few lbs of fat off his midsection.   He is always looking to push himself to the next level and make forward progress with his program.

Chris changed the way he ate, made breakfast a large part of his everyday routine, trains 2-3 times a week, and included Prograde Workout pre and post traning session.

Chris really likes the fact that his friends and family have noticed a huge change in his apprearance and are upset that they can’t get half the results he gets even thought they workout 5 days a week or more.

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