Mathilda Edge- September Community Member Highlight!

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M. Edge

Congratulations to Mathilda Edge for being selected as our September 2014 Community Member Highlight!

began at Force Fitness two years ago (August 20th, 2012). I was randomly sent an e-mail through Mar-Don Salon here in town about the Transformation Contest, and I was instantly interested. I had never heard of Force Fitness at that point, but was really intrigued because of the huge focus on nutrition.

I was an athlete for my entire life through early college, but once I hurt my shoulder in college basketball I was unable to exercise and I still ate like I was a collegiate athlete. Along with being an athlete, I grew up on a farm which meant lots of meat and potatoes! I had never been taught about nutrition and it was definitely showing. I was the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been in my life.

When I started the Transformation Contest my goals were (I believe) to lose 20-ish pounds and to run a 5k (of which I had never done). I’m not certain how many pounds I actually lost during that time, but I know it was a significant amount; however, I did run my first 5k at my alma mater Illinois College’s homecoming in October of 2012 with my best friend. From there, I made it my goal to keep losing and to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body, and I have done so now for TWO YEARS!

What I love the most about Force is the people, hands down. It is an environment where I am constantly being encouraged to better myself and push the bounds just a little more to see my true potential. Since I started training at Force my whole mindset towards food and exercise has changed. I used to view food as a means to an end with no regard to what the food was made of or where it was coming from, now I view it as something that can enrich my body and my lifestyle. Likewise with exercise, it used to be a means to an end – to win games and be competitive – now, it has become something personal. I only have one body in this life, and I plan to care for it the best I can so I can live life to the fullest!

My main current goal is to continue to maintain where I am. Smaller and more immediate goals include: continuing to strengthen my shoulder so I can eventually not have to modify exercises, and also….to complete a burpee pyramid in 5 minutes!

Just a little about what I do: I am currently a doctoral student at the Jacobs School of Music in Voice Performance as well as a live-in nanny for two kids.

-Mathilda Edge

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