Sky is the limit for 15-year-old Jenna Albertson

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Jenna Albertson—glute bridge queen, softball pitching star, and fisher…woman? Yes, Jenna does it all. And she does it all with flying colors. She has glute bridged over 400lbs, pitched Varsity and lettered for Bloomington South softball as a freshman, and has won multiple fishing tournaments with her brother.

“She doesn’t accept second best in the gym,” Coach Branden says. “And that carries over into everything she does. She has a very competitive edge that helps her to push through no matter what.”

Jenna has been training at Force for about five years. She came in after her sister Abby and mother Angie and she was ready to hit the ground running. Always striving for more and constantly trying to out-do her older sister.

“Abby had trained for several years before Jenna and Jenna always looked up to her,” Branden says. “So when Jenna finally surpassed her sister’s clean record, it was so awesome to see the excitement that brought her. She had put her mind to something and achieved it.”

Jenna says that Force has always been her place to go when she needs to let out some anger and it helps her to stay positive both in her endeavors in the gym and outside the gym.

“She is always so stubborn to do things at the beginning,” Branden says. “But she’s much stronger than she believes and convincing her of that and watching her succeed is very satisfying.”

Jenna’s stubbornness, fiery attitude and never-take-no-for-an-answer demeanor are what’s going to make her so successful in softball and beyond because she won’t ever give up.

“I’ve learned that not only can others push me, but I can push myself even harder,” Jenna says. “Training at Force has changed my mental attitude towards things, I’m much more positive now.”

When Jenna isn’t a superstar on the softball mound or glute bridging a house in the gym she’s out on the lake fishing, studying (she’s a sophomore at South) or hanging out with her friends. She hopes to play Division 1 softball in college and looks up to Delanie Gourley, pitcher for Florida who has won the College World series multiple times, for inspiration.

Over the summer, Jenna’s travel softball team went to Nationals where they played teams from Canada, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois and many other states across the country and they ended up taking second out of 100 teams.

“Training at Force has helped me be stronger and faster for softball,” Jenna says. “Whenever I pitch I just have a lot more confidence in myself.” 

Jenna is a gifted player, which allows her to excel at her sport but it’s her attitude and drive to keep getting better that will keep her in the game for the long-run—beating out her competition.

“A lot of players are good but they don’t have the mental fortitude,” Branden says. “They get to that last inning and don’t push through but I see Jenna getting past that to get the final pitch, final bat, or final out.” 

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