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Looking to get a leg up on the competition this upcoming season? Here are two December workshops you need to attend:

Athlete Speed Workshop December 1st!
If your athletes or kids (14+yrs) need to get FASTER, then THIS IS FOR YOU. This is a workshop that will be going over the basics of speed development for athletes held by Coach Vince DiPrimio, the Director of Sport Performance here at Force. This is an extremely rare opportunity where we will be giving away a lot of information on speed development that you DO NOT want to miss. This workshop is for parents, athletes and coaches.  It will run from 12pm-3pm and is $35 per person. For more information, email or contact us at (812) 822 – 0636! We look forward to seeing you there.  

Nutrition Workshop December 8th!
You can’t outtrain a bad diet!
If you are an athlete looking for a competitive advantage over your opponents, you need to come to this workshop. Coach Bram will guide you in creating your nutrition playbook for optimal performance. The workshop will run from 12:00 – 1:30pm and costs $35! You will learn how to evaluate your eating habits and relationship with food as well as simple strategies to own your nutrition and optimize your athleticism. Email to sign up or for more information.

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