Staying Motivated During The Holidays

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I can imagine that nearly every gym in the country is sending out an email or a blog post with a really similar headline to this one in the next couple of weeks. 

“Staying motivated through the holidays”

“Lose 10 lbs from Halloween to Christmas”

“Eat this way at Thanksgiving to not gain weight”

I don’t believe people just magically lose their motivation during the holidays, you lose your momentum.

Losing the weight you wanted to lose, achieving your gym lifts you’ve been trying to hit, breaking a PR in your Spartan race, or making your body feel better, are all still motivation enough. They’ve gotten you this far, or they’ve been gnawing at you all year. The motivation is still there!

So let’s talk about how to maintain MOMENTUM during the holidays.

For 4 of the last 5 years I have had one of my biggest weightlifting meets of the year either the weekend after Thanksgiving or the week following. This means that during Thanksgiving I’m not only in the final preparations of training, but I have to be especially vigilant on my weight. As a weight class sport athlete I need to remain within striking distance to have a good showing at the meet.

This year is the same. My motivation remains the same during this busy time of year. My momentum must continue to have achieve a good result.

In physics terms, momentum is about positive forward motion. Something can gain, maintain or lose momentum. Getting a little more science-y about it, momentum can only be lost by the actions of external forces. Like a rock rolling down a hill, we just gotta keep on rolling, only another rock can stop you.

To relate it to you, if you still have the motivation, then your momentum can only be effected by other things. The Holidays are those things! Your time will be at a premium, your stress levels may be a little bit higher than normal, and those things can legitimately effect your momentum.

Here are 4 steps you can take to maintain your momentum:

1. Plan your workout schedule NOW.

Seriously, if at all possible don’t play it by ear during the holidays. I’m going to maintain my schedule to a T, and make sure I get every training session in during that time. I may have to do it earlier or later than normal because of family commitments, but I’m going to make it happen. If you’re a Force client, get into your Mindbody account (not sure what this is? Email us and we will help!), and get yourself on the schedule from now until the end of the year. If you’re not a Force client, then now’s a perfect time to get that positive momentum for the remainder of the year. Join us, another gym local to you, or create some sort of movement schedule.

 2. Pick a mini goal between now and the end of the year.

This might go back to the motivation side of things, but pick a mini goal. Is there a Santa Shuffle, or Turkey Trot you want to run, walk, or ruck? Is there a little getaway where you want to look and feel your best with your friends and family? Is there a huge weightlifting meet the week after Thanksgiving? 🙂 That mini goal can help hold you accountable internally, while your gym family at Force can hold you accountable externally.

3. Join us for our Thanksgiving workout

Every year, before the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie we have a Thanksgiving workout. It’s our biggest workout of the year, and a perfect momentum gainer for an awesome time of the year. Family in town? BRING ‘EM. Bring your friends, everyone is welcome. Sometimes doing something a little out of the ordinary flow of holidays can be just the pick me up to make you maintain your momentum. 8 AM on Thanksgiving morning, be there!

4. Commit to a de-stressed holiday season

This is a big ask. I always tell myself before the holidays that this year I won’t get stressed about family member X, or if there are enough desserts.

Repeat it with me…there are always enough desserts, there are always enough desserts- it can be our holiday mantra. Enjoy the time with your family, or the relaxation of no work that day, and let the stress roll off your back.

Try out the 4 part Momentum maintainers. Your motivation is still there, just keep rolling!

In Health,

Coach Wil

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