Steve Pushes Himself While Training for Strongman

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As a Mechanical Tech Engineer at Crane, Force Fitness and Performance is Steve Harden’s “play-time.” His workouts are his time to get away from the world for a little bit and let some stress out.

“You come in here and everything just disappears,” Steve said. “I used to go to the gym on my own and just go through the motions never seeing the results I wanted. Coach Derek’s programs keep me into it. Being able to change it up every month and see results is the bonus.”

Since coming to Force a little under two years ago Steve has gone from 165 pounds and 24% body fat to 160 pounds and 10.5% body fat.

“I’ve been known to design some pretty tough programs,” Derek said. “I don’t do this because more is better, but because I believe you are stronger than what you think and completing a challenging program can bring out that realization.”

Steve trains four times a week at Force and never complains once about what Derek throws at him. In high school, he played baseball and wrestled and has recently been looking for an outlet to push himself competitively again.

“We had several goal setting talks and eventually landed on the idea of a Strongman competition,” Derek said. “Come November, the idea will become reality when Steve competes for the first time. I’ve just seen a whole new Steve—more confident than ever and his sense of adventure is sky high.”

Becoming healthier has always been Steve’s priority. He’s a very self-motivated person and you can clearly see that when he comes into Force. Apart from just the stress-relief that Force has provided, the coaches and staff have also helped him learn so many things about the proper way to move and how to optimize certain movements to be the strongest he can be.

“I’ve never even known that I was doing certain things wrong before coming here,” Steve said. “Until the coaches corrected me I thought I was doing it right but they would make small changes and it would make a world of difference.”

Derek said when Steve first came in he was confident and content with himself but that he could see there was more in him waiting to be unleashed and since the moment Derek has started coaching him that’s what he’s tried to help him find.

“Strength, mobility, endurance, etc. are all great and natural progressions of training,” Derek said. “But the drive, adventure and commitment Steve has is the progress I see most and am most proud of as his coach. That is what carries over into everyday life and his overall well-being.”

When Steve isn’t in the gym or at work he likes to cruise around in his Volkswagen buggy on a nice day, work in his yard and enjoy time with his girlfriend and kids.

“Training at Force has changed my life because I have so much more energy to do all the things I love to do outside of the gym,” Steve said. “I had forgotten what it felt like to have energy again, even at 42!”

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