Summer Fat Loss Tips

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Spring and summer arrive and everyone thinks that it is a free ticket to ditch their fitness efforts in the gym and head outside or be lazy.  It is easy to trick yourself into thinking that you are doing some awesome workouts at the softball diamond, on the boat over the weekend, and out at parks with friends and family.
I have some upsetting news for most of you!  12 oz curls don’t constitute a great workout!
I understand that some people are being more active and doing things outside, however this does not replace the activity that you have been doing in the gym.
Let’s face it people-
1) Rec league softball isn’t exercise.  I understand that it is fun, heck last year I played on two teams and loved it.  It isn’t going to help you lose weight or stay in amazing shape.
Look at a normal softball game you might see over at Twin Lakes.   You get out of your car after a long day at work or after going to grab something fast to eat.  You hop right on the field and “warm up” by throwing the ball around and maybe, that is a BIG maybe, you run to the foul pole and back.
You play 7 innings, unless your team is terrible and gets run ruled.  During those 7 innings you stand around in the field maybe running after a few balls, you sit in the dug out, and if you get a hit you run the bases.
Not the best for fat loss.
Especially when you consider the beer drinking and other activities in the parking lot.
I am not knocking softball, but don’t kid yourself into thinking it is a good workout.
2) People do more out side, but it isn’t the same.  Unless you are running sprints, taking a TRX, KB or other piece of equipment outside or doing body weight training you aren’t getting in the workouts you need.
Even if you are running or jogging it isn’t enough.  You need to be in the gym doing your strength training workouts at least twice per week.  This keeps you injury free and fit while you can enjoy the outdoors.
3) People are hauling kids around to activities.
I get the excuse of being too busy all the time from parents.
I have to admit that I am not a parent, but I am busy.  I have a lot of things on my plate at once and I know once I have a little one on the way everything will change.
One thing I can promise you is that my workouts will not suffer.  I would sacrifice work and other things over my workouts or family. 

Think about it like this- if you are too fat and out of shape to play with your kids or do any activities with them what the hell is the point?  If you die early because you are unhealthy how much time did you miss out on with your kids and family?

30-45 minutes, two to three times per week isn’t too much to ask of most people.  You can fit that in your schedule and make it work.  It is all about necessity.
I can assure you that if I told everyone they would make $5000 more per year by working out 30-45 minutes 2-3 days per week they could find the time.
If you are more productive and in better shape you might actually be able to do that!
Look it up!  It is a fact that in shape people make more money than overweight people!
So you can think of your time at Force as an investment!  We are helping you make more money and stay in great shape 🙂
Don’t let great weather and a busy schedule keep you from your workouts and making progress. If you do I can promise that you will regret it later on and wish you had stuck with it.  Even if all you can do is manage to maintain your
progress.  Make sure you are getting in your workouts.
Also, don’t let the summer months keep you from starting your plan.  It is never too late and a lot of great work can be done with just a little time!
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  • Dawn

    So true. I have put off doing things for ME because I was too busy doing things for everyone else and my work. I feel better because I know I am getting stronger, healthier, and losing weight. Most of all, I feel better because I have decided that I AM important enough to make the time to do what I really need to do-get myself healthy for myself and my family.
    Everyone who thinks they are too busy-just make time to do it. It will be worth it!

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