Summer Time Fat Loss Plan

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It is that time of year!   I feel like we went from 65-70 degree weather right into 95 degree weather in Bloomington!  That means that summer activities are starting, trips are being taken and shirts are being taken off on the lake or at the pool.   I also feel that many times people let their workouts or nutrition suffer during this time because they are busy.

This doesn’t have to be the case and I am going to outline the summer plans that I have for myself to stay in shape, and hopefully get in even better shape!

Most of you know that I do a lot of traveling over the summer months, well all the time really, but especially in the summer.  It can wreck a program for staying in shape, losing fat, or just being healthy.   You might think that fitness conferences and professionals all workout the entire time they are away and only go to organic restaurants and eat salads.

If that is what you think I am sorry but you are WRONG!  Usually I am eating at a place with minimal healthy options, when I order healthy (90% of the time) I am usually the only one in the group, and there are some beers involved a lot times as we sit around and network.

Tack that on to the fact that most hotel workout rooms are terrible and you have a recipe for disaster.  When I travel my only goal is to not get out of routine.  I schedule a workout in each day I am gone and the goal is to get in basic movements and get a sweat going.  I keep active and stay in my routine of doing something most days of the week.

For my plan when I am home most of the time here is how I minimize my time working out and maximize the results.

Day One (Monday):  Strength Training – usually 20 minutes of a big lift and some auxiliary lifts.

–          This week –  Hang Cleans 6 sets of 3 reps paired with Body Saws x 8 Reps

DB Bench Press, DB Rows, and Lunges 3 Sets of 8 Reps

Day Two (Tuesday): Metabolic Interval Workout- 20 minutes of 30/30s

–          This week – 3 Rounds of Swings, push ups, split jumps, TRX rows, Ropes, Speed Squats, Slams, Sledgehammer Hits

Day Three (Wednesday):  Strength Training

–          This Week-  Anti Rotation Presses  paired with TRX Knee Tucks  3 Sets of 12 Reps

Front Squat paired with Chin Ups 3 Sets of 5 each

SL RDL paired with Push Ups 3 Sets of 8 each

Day Four (Thursday):  Metabolic Conditioning 40/20s

–          This Week  5 Rounds of   KB Clean Right, KB Clean Left, Burpees, Band Rows, Plank Variations


Day Five (Friday):  Density Set Day- 30 Minutes as many rounds as possible

Deadlift x 6 Reps, DB Incline Press x 6 Reps, Step Up x 6 each, Pull Up x 6, TRX Pike x 10, Ropes x 100 Waves

Day Six (Saturday):  Fun Day- Any activity I feel like

This Week- I may sprint, run stairs, jump rope, or I might hop in the 8am boot camp!

Day Seven (Sunday): Rest
If I miss a day of workouts I usually just make it up on Sunday


For my nutrition I keep things very simple!  I eat 5-6 times per day.  Usually I have 2-3 Shakes per day, eat 2-3 solid meals per day and keep my starchy carbs very low and protein/veggies high.

A normal day might look like this:

5am – Shake (3 scoops of protein)

9am- Snack of lean protein or nuts

12-1pm- Spinach salad with chicken

3pm- Shake

6-7pm- Lean Protein and veggies 8oz of lean beef with asparagus

9pm- 2 Tbsp. Natural Peanut Butter and 1 scoop protein

On Saturdays I will eat normally for ½ the day and then have a free day at night.

Sunday is a no carb day with protein and fats only and reduced to 4 meals.

9am- 6 eggs and some cheese

12pm- 3 Chicken Breasts

3pm- Protein Shake

6pm- 16oz of Lean beef


Now remember I am a big guy weighing in at around 235lbs right now and require some significant calories.


Now remember I am a big guy weighing in at around 235lbs right now and require some significant calories.  Your intake will most likely be much lower than mine on most days.

Following this plan should allow you plenty of time to get all the fun things you want to do in this summer and also enjoy a few beverages or BBQ items of choice without having a detrimental effect on your waistline.



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