The 2 Best Lifts for Improving Power: I Think you Know the Answer.

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Plain and simple, I believe that the clean and snatch, the Olympic lifts,  are the most important lifts that any athlete can do to improve athletic performance. There is no greater expression of power in the weight room than these two lifts.

Some coaches and athletes believe that there are similar ways to build and express power, but I am saying it right now: Nothing is better than the clean and snatch for making athletes better. Everything else is second fiddle to these kings of the weightroom.

The clean and the snatch, though, are without a doubt the two most technical lifts in the weightroom and require constant coaching and guidance to get in the right positions. Without the right technical knowledge the Olympic lifts can be difficult to perform and much of the benefit of these lifts can be wasted.

Jeff Coover (check out his blog at is a 4 time all-American  and current professional pole vaulter, but he understands the importance of these two lifts and proper coaching.

The pole vault ultimately comes down to the amount of kinetic energy a vaulter can create on the runway and the efficiency with which they can transfer it to the pole.  Kinetic energy is created from the speed they produce on the runway, and in the continuum of traits that we can train, power must precede speed.

Jeff knew that to take his pole vaulting to the next level his power output on the runway had to be greater. We have been working diligently on improving his technique in the lifts and his power output on the weightlifting platform. Simply put Jeff  has been killing it in the weightroom this fall in preparation for his professional season starting in January.

This week Jeff worked up to his first max of the season and hit a 7.5 kilo PR in the clean.

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