The Dreaded Plateau

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Everyone hits it at some point and everyone hates it when they do.

The trick if figuring out how to break through it quickly or how to avoid it all together.

No matter what your goal, weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, etc., you are almost sure to hit a point at which your progress stops and things become very, very frustrating.   The scale refuses to move and the weights won’t go up.  Your life is in shambles!  What are you going to do?

First of all we need to take a step back and look at how far you have come.  What progress have you made in the last 4, 8, 12 weeks or over the last year?   Things might have stopped or slowed down, but are you better off than just a short time ago?

Appreciate you successes and it will help you overcome your failures!  (I made that up, it think, feel free to quote me on it.)

Once you know how far you have come you can set new goals.  Take a look at yourself and think about where you want to be in another 12 weeks.  Then make short term goals and steps that you have to accomplish to reach that one big goal.

Now for what people really want to know.  Why do I plateau?

It is simple really, your body has gotten used to the changes you have made and adapted.  It is doing what it is supposed to do and working like it is supposed to work.

To constantly make progress you always have to be moving forward.  You have to continue to challenge yourself.  The same weight and reps that you used a month ago in the squat are not going to get the same results that you go a month ago.  Always be trying to rest less, lift more weight, do more reps, add a set or move up in progressions of exercises.  This will keep you challenged.

Are you always pushing yourself to the limit and working as hard as you can work when you are training?  I would bet that most of us don’t push the limit every time we train.  You have to stop being comfortable!

Same goes for nutrition.  You have to constantly make changes to keep seeing results.  Cutting out the regular cokes is great for a while but you will stop losing weight just because of that.  Cutting out the sweets after dinner will help, but it only gets you so far.  You have make changes week by week and month by month to see constant progress.

Bad news folks!  It only gets harder as you get more fit.  You have to make more sacrifices and more changes and work harder.  You have earned the right to have to truly bust your tail to get rid of that last 5 or 10 lbs.

Case in point.  ME! I am supporting my fiancé and we are going back to eating really healthy to start wedding prep.  I needed to get back to a set plan and she wanted to start really getting ready for the big day.  I have done all of this before.  I have ate well, exercised right and done it all.  We tried a plan again and it just wasn’t working as well as the last time.

I had to go to drastic measures this time around.  Really it is just a good healthy change but, for those that know me it is a huge change!  I gave up my Dt. Mountain Dew.  I cut it out of my daily routine cold turkey.  I have noticed a huge difference.  I am looking better each day, I am able to eat more and my recovery is much better.  All of those things will lead to quicker results.

I had to give up my beer and wine as well.  Again, anyone that know me or Kim knows that we like our beer and wine.  That was not a comfortable lifestyle change.  We did it to get to where we want to end up.
What are a few of things that you could change to get your closer to your goal or break through your plateaus?

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