The Fat Loss Awards!

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Congrats to Patti Wheeler and Adam Reinhart for being our monthly award Winners:

Here is what we have to say about these two:

Client of the Month:

Adam Reinhart is one of the hardest workers that we have ever had at Force!  It is amazing to watch him push through barriers and achieve his goals!    Adam has been training at Force for 1 year, starting with boot camp and then transitioning into a combination of the pers

onal training and boot camp.

In that time Adam has lost 28 lbs and changed his body by adding muscle and strength.

His goals for the future are to lose another 15lbs of fat and gain strength.

Adam likes being strong!  Adam loves that he is constantly pushed and challenged during his workouts!  He like the change of workouts and constant motivation.

Adam started working out at Force because he needed accountability and motivation.  It was a step he needed to take to get where he wanted to go!   He needs someone to expect him in the gym and motivate him when he needs it.

Adam was nervous to start training but now feels like family at Force.  It is a welcoming experience.

Adam has changed his diet and uses most of the Prograde products to get his incredible results! Being a very picky eater doesn’t hold him back from making changes and finding ways to make the nutrition plans work.

Adam’s family and friends have taken notice of his fat loss and he now gets the biggest compliment of all by motivating them to get the same results!


Boot Camper of the Month:

Patti Wheeler is the definition of consistency and perseverance.  Over the past year Patti has dropped a significant amount of weight and become incredibly stronger.  Because of those accomplishments she has increased her confidence as well.


Her goals coming up in the next few months are to be able to perform multiple sets of push ups and increase the strength in her shoulders.   We have full faith that she will do just that!  Patti seems to always find a way of achieving her goals.


The biggest reason for Patti’s success is her determination and dedication to the program.  She is at boot camp day in and day out at least 3 times per week.  She also has added in one day of personal training to help speed up progress.


Patti loves the motivation that she gets from the coaching staff at Force and the positive encouragement.   Even after a bad day she loves the feeling of relieving stress at the gym with a great boot camp workout.


Patti also follows the nutrition program, experiments with Prograde Supplements to boost results and trusts in the information that she is given at the gym.


Patti is one of our biggest ambassadors and tells everyone about the gym!   We can’t thank her enough for doing that for us.   Her friends and family notice the physical changes and the confidence increase and are very impressed by her transformation.


Patti, we are very proud of you and all you have accomplished!










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