The Perfect Fat Loss Program – Continued….

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Okay, I promise that I am not going to go on any tangents today.

I am sticking the course.

Last Friday I got a bit side tracked and maybe just a bit upset about lazy people.  But, no more of that and on to the real information.

We started Friday’s post about the terrible diets and workout programs that are out on the market today and alittle bit about why I think they are terrible.

Today it is all positive!

Finding the right program for your success and the best fat loss results possible requires a few things.

1)      You need to research your options.

2)      Find a good coach, this stuff is too tough to go at it alone.

3)      Motivate yourself – if you can’t motivate yourself you will never be motivated

4)      Set goals

5)      Build a base

6)      Continue to improve


The right program for you will be something you find fun, motivating and exciting.  If you don’t enjoy it, at least a little, you won’t do it.  I guess this is how those “other” programs sucker people in with dancing around and clapping hands.

We have fun at Force too!  We just sweat a lot and get lean while we do it J

Look into all of your options.  Honestly, we may not be the best solution for some people.  If you want to make excuses, not put in any work, and have someone pat you on the back and tell you that eating a bunch of starchy carbs is going to get you results then we aren’t your place.

We want motivated people, driven people and those that are willing to work for their results.  I didn’t work hard to build a business with Wil to cater to people that don’t want to put in any work and expect our team to get them great results with some sort of fat loss voodoo.

We don’t require you to be athletic, fit, or have ever experienced exercise.  If you are willing to do what we ask and put in the work we are happy to help.

The program that is the perfect fit for you should challenge you.  IF the program doesn’t ask you to get out of your comfort zone and push you to be better it isn’t right for you.

The program that is perfect for you is one that will help you set and reach goals.  Without goals you are wandering aimlessly.

The perfect program will not throw you in the deep end of the fitness pool and hope you learn how to swim.  They start by building a base and teaching you the right way to do things.  It isn’t always the most exciting thing, but it get results.

The perfect program will push you to make constant changes, challenge you to get better and encourage you every step of the way.

Have you found a program like this yet?

I have, Wil and I started it, it is Force Fitness.  We do all of the things that are listed above and more to give our clients the best experience in the world.

Maybe we aren’t right for you, and if that is the case I hope that you find a program that is a good fit.

If you think you might be ready for the perfect fat loss program and you are ready to see some amazing results (all with a little hard work of course) then you are ready for our NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE!

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