The Power of Neutral

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“Look on the bright side,” “positivity is the key,” “always find the positive in every situation.” These are some of the common phrases people associate with the power of positivity, and I’m here to tell you why being positive isn’t the key.

Many of us can look back at moments in our life to a time where there truly wasn’t anything positive about a certain situation. Yet, people would tell us to stay positive because there is always a small amount of positive in every situation. What if I told you the real power is our ability to stay neutral no matter what happens. When we choose a neutral focus it allows us to see things for what they are, and from there we can act in a way that suits the situation. Many of us often act emotionally and not rationally. A neutral focus deters us from negative thoughts that can be detrimental to our psyche, and it pushes us to live life in the present. These techniques have been used by stoic philosophers, elite military service members, and professional athletes. So why not join these ranks and see what this mindset can do for you.

You can apply this to your training in the gym very simply: let’s say you’re coming up on  a workout or finisher you don’t enjoy. Instead of creating and entertaining all these negative thoughts about how difficult it’s going to be and then trying to counter them by convincing yourself of the positive pay-offs, take a step back and see it for what it is. Understand it may hurt, yes; but don’t let yourself get emotionally attached to that thought. Anticipate it so that when it comes, you’re prepared. Use this mindset to strategize your workout. Think about all the ways you can make progress or adjustments from the last time you completed it. This new found mental skill will allow you to push yourself to limits far beyond your normal capacity, and it may even create spark to the way you live your life.

Coach Bram

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