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Drum roll please…………….

The secret number to fat loss training results in my mind is 20.  I am not talking about reps or sets, but rather minutes and days.

I think that if you can train at a very intense pace for 20 minutes three times per week you are going to get great results.  Add on to that 2-3 active recovery days where you are training at a lower intensity or just doing something fun and being active you have about 20 days of training total each month and just 20 minutes per day.

I have seen it time and again that you can get fabulous results with this, especially if it is paired with some good healthy nutrition tips.  Heck if you just followed the meals from the Prograde Healthy Recipes Cook Book you would be doing better than 90% of the world.  You can’t get much better than that for under $5.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the cook book you should get it and check it out.  What is the worst thing that could happen?  You find one good meal that you like and can use to get better results.  Is that worth $5 to you?

That is it just 20 minutes a day.  You would need to factor in a little time for foam rolling and a quick warm up before your workout and some stretching and mobility work on the off days for your active recovery but those can be challenging by themselves.

In fact, after talking with Mike Robertson this weekend, one of the best in the business especially when it comes to dealing with corrective exercise, I am more convinced that you will get better and quicker results once you get all of your mobility and soft tissue (think tight and knotted muscles) issues worked out.  Just imagine if you could squat and press with no pain at all!  You could push yourself everyday with no pain and no injuries.

Our boot campers train for 30 minutes all out and get great results.  Our training clients are performing 5 minutes of foam rolling, 10-15 of dynamic warm up and 20 minutes of hard strength work and 5-10 minutes of conditioning and getting great results.  You can see the only main difference is the specialized corrective work we do at the beginning with them.  The workouts are still short and intense.

Heck, even I train in this way.  I would never give you something that I didn’t believe in and wouldn’t use myself.

In fact I am going to do a quick special for everyone that reads the blog that wants some extra workouts to do at home, or that can’t train at Force Fitness but would love to get our workouts.

I am going to start a Force Fitness Boot Camp To Go DVD series.  We will film the workouts that you can do at home with a  few pieces of equipment, or you can take the workouts to the gym if you wish.  We will even ship the DVD’s off to you if you want.

Each month you will get a DVD of your workouts and progressions, a manual of the workouts with pictures, and email support from me as needed.

As a bonus we will throw in our Fat Loss Success Systems and checklist to get even better results that includes goal setting, nutrition plans and anything else you could need for success.

And for the first 40 that decide they want to purchase this program we will throw in the Force Fitness Workout Muse Soundtracks that include a 50-10, 30-30 and 20-10 intervals that we are using for the workouts.   (This is a $50 value in and of itself!)

This is the perfect package of workouts, nutrition and support that you need to get great results if you can’t come into the gym!  It is no substitute from having one of our Force Coaches pushing to great results but it is pretty darn close!

This will be an automatically renewing program that will continue from month to month until you decide that you want to quit.  If you wish to stop receiving your Force Fitness Boot Camp to Go Package all you have to do is let me know 10 days before the end of each month.

We are taking pre-orders for this program right now for just $20 in the first month.  Each month after that will be $49.  This price is only for the first 10 that order.  After 10 the price will go up to $49/month for all months.

We will start the program on July 1st.  You will receive you DVD’s and manual at this date.  Each month you will then receive a new workout and manual.

Email me today at if you want to be apart of this cutting edge and results driven program!

Don’t wait around I am sure the bonuses won’t last long.

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