Three Years At Force: A Lesson From Amber

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First and foremost I must thank Ryan and Wil for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their team. It is hard to believe that nearly three years ago I walked into Force just looking for a job that would allow me a little extra cash to get through graduate school at IU. Little did I know, that job would turn into one of the most valuable work experiences I have had to date.

Fast forward to three years later. I have learned about how to be a great coach, the business side of the fitness industry, and I’ve learned a lot about people, including myself. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity share my passion for health and wellness through coaching clients and leading the Force team. I am always amazed at the transformation people are able to make by simply pushing their physical limits. Increases in physical ability transfer to increases in confidence, sense of self, and zest for life. I hope you all enjoy the experience and rewards of being physically active, healthy, and strong .

As you may know, Tuesday, June 26th will be my last official day with Force. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all. I hope that I have had an impact on your lives, but I also want you to know that you have impacted mine. I want to leave you with a list of some of the most useful lessons I’ve learned over the past few years. Most of them apply to not only what you do in the gym, but what you do in life. I haven’t expanded a lot about what these little nuggets mean to me, but my real hope is that you’ll spend some time thinking about what they mean to you.

  • Keep it simple. Then simplify, simplify, simplify. Clear, tough-minded people are the most simple and the most successful.
  • Leadership creates a feeling of value in others. People are motivated when they feel valued. When people feel motivated they are more creative, productive, and proactive. Value yourself first and then the team you build around you.
  • Relationships are everything. Use them wisely and remember the Golden Rule, with the exception that people may not want to be treated the way you wish to be treated. Treat everyone with dignity and respect, however, keep in mind that each person is an individual and it is important to communicate with them in a way that works for them. Get to know your people and treat them the way they want to be treated.
  • A thank-you or an acknowledgement goes a long way. Thank someone today and truly mean it.
  • Life balance is essential and is always a work in progress. Stress will always be around and will always ebb and flow. Be strategic with your time. Create to-do lists, as well as to-don’t lists. Learn to say no if an event or demand of your time interferes with your quest to achieve success. Also, learn to not feel bad when you say no. Release what doesn’t work so that you can create more space for what does.
  • Small actions can add up to big successes or failures. You decide which.
  • Change your perspective from scarcity to abundance. Create more instead of seeing less or focusing on what you don’t have.
  • Have only good days or great days. Decide what type you’ll have today and for all your tomorrows.
  • Be a slave to your good habits and capitalize on your assets.
  • You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore. Get comfortable getting uncomfortable. Test your limits and go for it!
  • Opportunity is created. Be tenacious.
  • Live your best and most authentic life!

While this list is not all-inclusive of the things I’ve actually learned over three years, it does outline some of the ways I try to live my life and how I encourage others to live theirs. I would never have figured out how to be my best self without the experiences I’ve had with the people I’ve been lucky to have encountered while at Force.

I wish nothing but great things and achievements for everyone. Stay hungry for success.

Take care,


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