Top 3 Nutrition Gadgets For Better Results

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We all know that you must have the right tools in your tool box to accomplish certain jobs.   Nutrition and weight loss is no different.   Today I want to share with you 3 great tools that you need in your kitchen to get you great results!


1)      A Great Blender-


A good blender can make or break your progress.  You might not believe me know but I can promise you that once you have experienced the joys of a powerful blender you will be a believer.


Preparing your food quickly and in quantity is a key factor in having success with your nutritional program.  Shakes and smoothies are a great way to get in a ton of healthy foods for a meal with very little prep time.


Your shakes or smoothies should have a protein source, fat source and fruit or vegetable source in them to make sure they meet all of your nutritional needs.   Having the right blender can either make this easy or a nightmare.


I can’t tell you how many blenders that I have burnt up or blown up over the past 6 years.  At one point I was buying a blender every 6 months!   I found out that ice in my smoothies does bad things to most blenders.


When Kim and I were looking for stuff for our wedding registry I didn’t ask for much input.  In fact the things I did want to put on the list got vetoed for the most part.  I don’t know why a pinball machine and a kegerator wasn’t important to her?     One of the things that I insisted on was a great blender.


We got the Ninja and it has been amazing as a blender and food processor .  It is reasonably priced and can be purchased at the local Bed, Bath and Beyond.
The Ferrari of blenders is a Vitamix blender that will apparently blend an iPhone without destroying the blender.  Although with a price tag of about $500 it might be a little to expensive for some of our readers.
I vote for the Ninja that is reasonably priced and exceptional at getting the job done well!


2)      A great shaker bottle


My favorite shaker bottle is, without a doubt, the blender bottle.  I could honestly care less about the little blender ball inside the shaker!  I love the fact that it is easy to carry around, comes in several sizes and it doesn’t leak.  You might think that those are small things to ask for, but they are huge!


It only takes one time of mixing your shake in the car on the way to a meeting or to work and having it spray all over you and leave chocolate protein stains on your shirt for you to appreciate the non leaking features of the blender bottle.


The great thing about a great shaker bottle is that you can have multiple of them and keep your shakes premade in the fridge for days.  If you have a favorite shake or smoothie you can make a double batch and have shakes ready to go for a few days.


The ease of use and portability of the shaker bottle allows us to keep on track with our nutrition and reach our goals faster, even in a hectic environment.


3)      Tupperware


This is another seemingly silly addition to this program.  I put it above a great set of pots and pans because I think that it is more important to have something to store healthy food in than something to cook it in.


If you have plenty of meal sized Tupperware you will be able to create your meal plan, prepare your food and plan for any tough circumstances.  The key to success with your nutrition plan is to plan ahead.  If you plan ahead and prepare your meals as much as possible in advance you have no reason to be caught without a meal, or a healthy meal.


Do yourself a favor and make your nutrition convenient and easy.  Don’t over think healthy eating.  Get a blender, get your shaker bottle, and get your Tupperware!   If you use these three tools you will be far more likely to have success than if you go at it without them.




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