Top 5 Metabolism Boosters For Burning Fat

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There are a few exercises that really get my blood pumping.  They simply get me excited to train and they kick my metabolism in high gear.  In this short article I am going to fill you in on the top 5 exercises to jack up your metabolism and increase your fat loss.  

1)      Burpee- Performing a full burpee involves a ton of muscles in the body.  It involves squatting, core strength, upper body strength, mobility and much more.  Another nasty side effect of the burpee is how quickly it can increase your heart rate!

2)      KB or DB Swing- This exercise is not only great for strength but also conditioning.  By using the posterior chain (your butt and hamstrings in laymens terms)  you can produce a lot of power and also train your endurance.  When performed properly the swing can be done for long period of time for numerous reps.   

3)      Push Up Knee Tuck – Core strength to its max!  This exercise again, challenges many muscle groups and thus burns a great deal of calories.   One of my favorite aspects of this exercises is the ability to progress and regress quickly and perform almost anywhere.  

4)      Farmers Carry- This is not your typical exercises but it is quickly becoming my favorite.  I love this exercise when performed with an off set load (more on one side than the other).  We go back to our primal roots when carrying a heavy load over a distance or for time.  This simple but oh-so-effective exercise works the core and challenges the conditioning of any fitness enthusiast. 

5)      Sprinting- This one might seem utterly obvious but it is lacking in most people’s fat loss programs.  I wish that we had the ability to do more of this with our clients in the gym.  Sprinting is not for everyone and you must build your fitness level and conditioning to a level that allows you to complete it safely, but once you get to that level sprinting can boost your results faster than almost any other conditioning exercise.   The key to getting great results is to put forth an all out effort when performing your sprints.  If I wanted you to jog I would have said jogging was great for fat loss.  Often times you will need at least twice as much recovery time as it took you to complete the sprint, if not more.  

This short list of awesome metabolically challenging exercises are sure to get you to the next level in your fitness and help you lose more fat than any others.  

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