Top 5 Summer Shape Up Tips

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With summer quickly approaching there isn’t much time to get in shape for things that go with summer. I can tell you from experience that summer is a lot more fun in shape than it is fat and out of shape! Don’t get caught with your pants down or maybe I should say leaving your shirt on this summer. Follow these 5 tips to get in great shape over the next 4-6 weeks.

Tip #1: Discontinue your Beer Drinkers Club membership card for a few weeks.

Let’s face it; you can’t make the changes needed unless you make some good nutritional choices. If you want to enjoy a few cold ones on a boat or the beach this summer and not be ashamed to take your shirt off or strut your stuff in that bikini you need to cut back now!
The first thing that I would do is eliminate any alcohol for 4 weeks! It is just 4 weeks. If you can’t do that I might have a recommendation for another program that helps people out that isn’t fitness related. ? I love my beer more than most people; I mean I really love my beer. I however, just recently did a three week stint of no drinking and dropped weight like you wouldn’t believe. It is a lot easier to train and eat right when you aren’t hung over two or three mornings a week.

Tip #2: Take a step out

We are huge advocates of quick and intense workouts. I have seen and proven with real world results time and time again that you don’t need to workout for 1-2 hours every day to get great results. We get more done in 30 minutes than most do in an hour. The trick to making this work for you is to challenge yourself.
You have to step outside your comfort zone a little bit each training session and push yourself to new levels. If you are always using the same weight, resting the same, do the same sets and reps, etc you need to push yourself to do more or rest less. If you not breathing hard, struggling through reps, and sweating like a lady of the night in church you probably aren’t working hard enough.

If you always stay in your comfort zone you will remain comfortably fat.

Tip #3: Replace 2 snacks a day with a protein supplement.

I bet you can cut out some calories and get in a great amount of protein to keep your muscle mass and up that metabolism by simply removing two of your healthy snack (or unhealthy snack if you are aren’t following our nutrition plans) options with a protein shake.
This is a trick that I used and have had several people use over the past few months with great results. You know you are getting in the nutrients that you need and you are cutting all the potential crap from your diet.
We use Prograde Protein because it is the best on the market. It tastes great as well. It tastes even better if you get some Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free to Go Packets and place them in the shake!

Tip #4: To lose more move more

I know that everyone is pressed for time, but it doesn’t take much to make a big difference. If you can add in two 20 minute high intensity interval sessions per week to your training program I promise that your fat loss will pick up and you will start seeing results immediately.

You can do these almost anywhere. You can do bodyweight cardio strength training at home or in the park. You can go to the gym and have a ton of options to pick from, or you can get help from your fitness coach in putting together a program or joining a program.

I would recommend two to three 45 minute strength based workouts using short rest periods and super sets or tri sets and two or three 20 minute interval training or cardio strength training workouts each week. For the interval workouts you can do density sets or times circuits. There are plenty of options and you can get really creative. The key is sticking with it and having fun.

Tip #5: Two pieces are better than one!

Okay, I am not just talking about swim suits. I am talking about finding a great training partner or someone that is willing to go through hell with you to get in great shape.

Having someone else to hold you accountable and make you think twice about being a baby and quitting your program will make your results come faster and a whole lot easier. You don’t want to let anyone down do you?

Find a friend or relative or significant other that will push you and make you stick to the diet. You have to be able to do the same for them though. You can’t both be wimps and decide to order that pizza and grab a few beers and then miss your training session the next morning because you are fat and hung over. You have to support each other and be strong no matter what!

If you can follow those 5 tips you won’t be the one in your swim suit with a built in skirt or stuck swimming with your t-shirt on because you are embarrassed.

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