Tracking Your Progress: The Key to Success

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Everyone wants a to look better!  They want a smaller waist, flatter belly, better looking muscles and simply to look great!

However, most people never accomplish their goals or make any progress at all!  Why is that?

The biggest issue with most people is that they aren’t willing to actually do what it takes to reach their goals.  They are willing to give up what they want to do to get the body they want to have!

There is one way to make sure that you are always on track and never too far off course for accomplishing your goals.

This little tip will help to improve your success by almost 300%.

Are you interested?

It is very simple to do as well.

Track your results!

Seems too easy right?

Wrong!  Tracking your results is simple, but not easy.  It requires dedication and motivation.  It requires you routinely following a plan.  And it requires you to hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Things you should track:

1) Your weight!  I don’t care what anyone else says, but I know that tracking your weight on a daily basis will help you get to your goal faster and also maintain your goal. easier!

I have experimented with this myself over the past 4 years.  I always checked my weight on a weekly or monthly basis.  I was also always fat.

When I started my fat loss journey I bought a good scale and weighed myself daily!  I recorded the weight and knew exactly what was going on each day and how much progress I was making.  If I let myself slip and don’t weigh for a week or more at a time I always start to gain fat and increase my weight.   For years I have weighed myself every morning to keep myself accountable.

I recommend that you buy a scale and place it in your bathroom.  I weigh every single morning immediately upon waking after going to the restroom.   It is consistent and reliable.  I know if I am holding steady or making progress.  I never let myself get too far away from my ideal weight.  I also have a great understanding of how my body reacts to certain foods.  I know that if am gained a few pounds I can’t have that cheat meal.  If I am below my target weight I can splurge a bit.  I know that if I gain a few pounds I can look back at the day before and review my food intake to see how I respond to certain foods.

You can record your weight weekly, but weigh yourself daily.

2) You food!  It is important to track for nutrition every so often.  This is tedious and boring.  I don’t think this is something that you do every day for ever.  I recommend once per month writing down a three day food log to keep you accountable and review your food intake.

3) Your workouts.  There is a reason that we give all of our training clients a binder to record weights, sets and reps for their workouts.  It is important to see progress and understand what you need to do to get better.   Track your workouts and you can see progress or lack there of!

Those are the simplest and easiest things you can track to make sure you are meeting your body composition goals.

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