Useful Tips and Tools for Extraordinary Fat Loss Results

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With our Transformation Contest in full swing and our contestants starting to report fat loss each week I have been handling a lot of questions regarding nutrition, equipment, workouts and more.   I figured I would do my best to answer these questions on our blog as well so that everyone can benefit.  Most of the time if you have a question several other people are wondering the same thing, we are a family at Force Fitness and we can share all of our information.

One of the questions I have received frequently was about at home or travel workouts.   First of all, in our transformation contest manual I have 3 workouts that can be done on the road and a 12 week interval cardio plan for people to use.  Trust me folks, this can all be used in a hotel or on the road.   I also posted several band workout videos and others in the blog and newsletter last week.    You can go to either of our Youtube pages and find workout videos for the road.    My personal channel is listed under rtketchum and our Force page was forceperformance.

Here are a few popular ones!

There are plenty more out there.  Scour the blog posts and youtube channels for ideas.

Another great question I have received is about including beans in your nutrition plan.  While I have no problem with adding in beans or legumes I would limit them to 2-3x  per week for maximal fat loss.  The carbohydrate content can be high in beans and although they contain a good amount of protein and fiber they will increase your carb intake.  While they are not a bad food, I would eliminate them from a fat loss plan.

I have been reading a lot about the psychology behind our nutritional habits lately and found that we need 21 days of uninterrupted healthy eating to make lasting changes psychologically.   This means no cheating or indulging for 21 days.  If you can do that you will kick your cravings and bad habits.  There really is no physiological reason for having a cheat meal.  It won’t help you lose more fat.  You can eat more calories of healthy, quality foods and get a better effect as a “refeed” day.   This is a topic that could be covered in a 5 page post on its own so I will stop there with it.

Cravings for sweets seem to be coming up a lot in our online support group.  I have to say that you simply need to deny these cravings.  Would we allow an alcoholic to have just a sip of booze?  NO!   Don’t allow yourself to eat crap!  If you need some sweet treat ideas I have posted plenty on the blog and I will repost them again.

Use Sugar Free Fat Free Jello Pudding Mix (1-2 Tbsp) to sweeten Greek Yogurt and protein powder mixtures.    Mix Natural Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein with a little flax meal to make peanut butter balls.   There are many options that work well.  Heck if you miss cereal here is another- 1 Cup Almond Milk (unsweetened), 1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries, 1/4 Cup Crushed Walnuts.  If you want to add vanilla or chocolate protein you can. Mix and serve.  It is a great snack.

Also, if you have a smart  phone check out Workout Muse Pro or the Gymboss app to help with timing your workouts.  Both are great resources.

To close up today’s post I want to remind everyone that any fat loss is a success.  Be happy with your progress and continue to make the changes needed to get even better results.  Fat loss is all about taking action, implementing successful strategies, monitoring the effectiveness and continual change.

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