Walking into the Gym with the Right Mindset

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The rise of the self-help culture has brought along many helpful strategies for life, but it’s also brought some baggage. I believe the golden jewel of this movement is how it reiterates having the proper mindset in everyday life. This mindset can be taken anywhere, but many people try to create different mindsets for different elements of everyday life. It’s difficult enough developing one! The goal is being able to use that perspective for every adventure life throws out you, especially in the gym.

One of the biggest factors that turns people away from walking into a gym or attempting a new exercise is the fear of failure. People hear others say if they’re not winning they’re losing, but what if I told you there is no such thing as winners and losers? The truth is you either win or you learn, and the only time you lose is when you make the choice not to learn from your failure. Failure is a necessity in becoming a better version of yourself, and you must seek it daily. That’s right – daily – not monthly or yearly, daily. The more we fail, the greater opportunity we have for growth, but that’s only possible with the right mindset.

The next time you’re training and you’re afraid to try a movement or exercise, go do it and fail like a champ. Do this with a mindset that you’re willing to fail and allow your body to learn. You will be better for it. We don’t remember the times as infants when we learned how to walk or all the falls we had before that first step. Each time we got back up and went right back to it, and look at us now. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from a goal or a dream. Allow it to serve as motivation because you accept failure with the proper mindset. Also understand I’m not telling you to just fail, but try your best, and when failure happens, learn from it. So the next time you fall short of a goal, evaluate the situation and use it as a learning opportunity; because you know the next time you do it you’re better than you were before.

— Coach Bram


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