The Force Weightlifting
Team is Indiana’s best
Olympic weightlifting

Our lifters have won youth and junior national championships and have competed at dozens of national championship weightlifting competitions. The team seeks to develop nationally competitive Olympic weightlifters. We want to give our athletes a chance to compete at the highest level possible around the country for national championships.


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It is the completion of two lifts- the snatch, and clean and Jerk. It is the only strength sport to be contested at the Olympic games and has been done so since 1904. It is a sport of skill and strength and unlike any other sport.

ForceLift is a class to introduce the lifting movements, and intense strength training to individuals with less competitive aspirations. The Force Team is for our more advanced lifters or for those who are looking to compete.

USAW National Level coach, Wil Fleming, coaches both the team, and ForceLift. Wil is world-renowned for his coaching, and has lectured on Olympic lifting all across the United States, and Europe.


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