What I have learned from 1 Year of Marriage

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After reflecting on my recent 1 year anniversary and with Wil’s upcoming wedding (this Saturday) I realized how lucky I am to have someone in my life that will support me and be by my side no matter the situation.

I can tell you that the first year of marriage wasn’t the easiest year of my life.  A lot has changed over the past year not only with being married, but in business and my personal life.   If this was the hardest year, that is what they say right?, then I think we will be just fine.

Here are a few things that I have learned in my first year of being married that I think carry over into fitness.

1) It is important to trust your significant other.

No matter the situation trust is the key to any relationship.   My wife has to trust that I am doing the right thing for us in business and financial decisions.   She also has to trust that I am never going to stray and am faithful to her at all times.   The key to this trust is that I never give her a reason to think otherwise.  She always knows that I am thinking about us as a family and not just myself.

The same goes for your fitness program.  You have to trust that if you put in your best effort that you will get great results.  You must trust that when we ask you to do something that it is in your best interest and will get you to your goals in the fastest possible time.  In return we must get you those results as promised!


2) You have to work for something you want.

Marriage is work, no doubt about it!  I have to constantly work to make sure I give as much of myself to Kim as I do to my business.   It is work to make sure that I set aside time for us and give her my full attention when we are together.   I actually block off time in my Google calendar for time with her so that nothing else gets in the way!

Fitness is very similar.  It is work!   You have to make the time, dedicate yourself during that time and make sure to schedule your workouts.   If you do this you will have great success, if you leave it up to chance it is likely that you fail.

Our most successful clients keep a strict schedule for their workouts and make it to over 90% of the scheduled workouts.  This is part of the reason that we require boot campers to stick to one schedule.  If we left it up to you to workout when you “had time” we would never see you!

3)  Enjoy it!

I have to step back sometimes and really enjoy my life!  I get so caught up in the things that I have to get done and what else I want to accomplish that I forget to stop and take it all in!

I never want to settle, in business or my marraige, but I also have to appreciate what it is that we have accomplished and enjoy it.

The same goes for your fitness routine.  You have to enjoy it.   You should make it fun, you should enjoy you successes and you should take some time to reflect on what you have acheived.  It is easy to always try to get to the next benchmark without ever enjoying the progress that you have made thus far.

These are just a few of the things that I have learned among many in my first year of marriage!   I hope that you can learn from my lessons as well!

Here are some pictures from our anniversary trip!

And don’t forget the most important lesson of all: HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!  

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