What type of training is best for fat loss?

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With all of the programs that we have at Force and the popularity of the many at home and DVD based programs out there we often get asked which one is best for fat loss.

This can be a tricky questions, and my first answer would always be the – the stuff at Force :).

All kidding aside, with all of the information, crappy programs, stupid supplement marketing and crazy quick fixes that are out there it is tough for you as a general consumer to figure out what is best and what really works.

The best thing for you is finding something that you will do first and foremost, however that doesn’t mean that it is the correct program for you.  Even if you have the correct program, the perfect blend of diet, training and motivation, but you don’t use it nothing will change.

While I am not a big fan of P90X, Insanity, or any of the other DVD stuff that is out there I can see where a few advanced people might get a lot out of that type of program.

Zumba is a big hit right now and I just can’t wrap my head around dancing around and thinking that is great exercise and you are burning up a ton of fat.  I am pretty sure Richard Simmons made this popular a long time ago and everyone makes fun of him for wearing striped tank tops and short shorts, however when you do it to hip hop or electronic music and wear silly pants and neon tops it is cool and fun?


I am baffled by this craze.

or this?

Pole dancing fitness, now that might be something I could get into….. But in all seriousness, what in the heck are people thinking.

HCG diets- Yeah sounds like a good plan! Let’s inject pregnancy hormones and eat 800 calories a day.  I love feeling like a zombie all day long and looking like a skeleton when I am done.  Thank goodness the FDA stepped in and pulled this crap.

Dr. Oz- JOKE! Some of the crap I hear people tell me he says is such garbage.  He is paid by his advertisers, and I am not hating on him because of that, I am all for making your money dude, but don’t give the public crappy advice and make them think it works.  I am not saying that everything on that show or that he recommends is terrible, but most of what I hear about is pure crap.

I could go on and on bashing these things.  I probably already lost a few fans for speaking my opinion about them.

This was all sparked by a Facebook post that someone put up about eating a cheesebuger, yeah I am that petty.   They had been craving the cheeseburger and wanted one.  My response was to eat the cheeseburger but skip fries, bun and beer.  It was amazing that people simply said go ahead and eat it.  Go to Wendy’s and get a jr cheeseburger (because a little bit of garbage is still okay), and if you don’t give in you will simply being later.

Okay, now I am on a roll.  As I am typing this post up I am getting worked up.

I love how people justify their laziness and lack of will power for “it is a cheat”, “if I don’t give in I will binge later” and every other excuse in the book.  I have done it as well, so I am just as guilty.

I would bet that most of these people have terrible eating habits, are unhealthy and fat.  There I said it, lazy, unmotivated, and weak people love making excuses for their diet, training and everything else.  I am just fed up with it.

Here is an idea, find a way to make the cheeseburger fit into your diet plan or schedule in one of your 10% (free) meals!  Hmmm, interesting idea to power through something and just suck it up.

No Excuses

We don’t tell an alcoholic to just have sip of light beer when they crave alcohol.  A drug addict shouldn’t just do a little coke or smoke a little weed because they are craving it.

Now, for full disclosure the person that made the FB post is one of my best friends and a loved client.  They did the right thing and ate an elk burger, no bun, no fries.  Craving=gone!  If she would have listened to all the enablers in the comments I bet she would have regretted it the moment she was done with that burger.

Step up to the plate, get some willpower and stop making excuses.

No Excuses


Wow- this blog post took a wild turn from best fat loss training to Ryan lets it all hang out!

No Excuses

I will be back with more on Monday about finding the right training for you.


Until then go see if you have what it takes to win our transformation contest, and possibly win the National Prize…..

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