What We Learned from the Speed and Power Summit

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What we learned from the Speed and Power Summit

This past weekend the team at Force was fortunate enough to host the Speed and Power Summit. This is the 3rd year in a row we have been selected as one of the hosts for the event, and this is the 4th such summit to occur just this year. After stops in California, Boston, and New Jersey, our team was excited to show off our incredible facility.

This event attracts coaches from around the country and even from overseas. The speakers themselves are some of the very top minds in the fitness and performance industry.

Here are 6 takeaways from the event, and things we will be doing to make our coaching better.

Coach Robert Dos Remedios,

25 year collegiate strength coach, NSCA Coach of the year

The training we do makes people “bulletproof.” Most injuries in athletics, and life occur on landings and decelerations. Getting clients stronger is the first line of defense, the second line of defense is practicing those scenarios in which injuries occur under controlled circumstances.

Coach Lee Taft,

“The Godfather” of speed training, consultant to dozens of professional sports teams

Core training can be done most effectively on the feet. Our clients and athletes have to demonstrate core control while walking, running, cutting, jumping and playing. Having a strong core in those positions needs to come from training that occurs on the feet.

Coach Joe Kenn

NSCA Coach of the year, head strength coach for the Carolina Panthers

Coach “Big House” made great points about the ownership coaches must put on EVERYTHING that goes into the gym. Extreme ownership has been a favorite topic around the gym, and coach Kenn spoke right to our core on what that means in a gym.

Coach Adam Feit

Former NFL, NCAA strength coach, PhD candidate Sports Psychology

This talk was one of the staff favorites, mine too. Coach encouraged all of us to be better leaders, and not just to lead down to those that directly report to you. Lead up to bosses, lead across to your peers as well.  We hope to encourage this type of conversation with our clients as well, because we can learn from each of you each day.

Coach Teena Murray

Director of Performance, University of Louisville

Coach Murray is one of the best leaders in our industry and she shared with us how the performance staff at Louisville has created one of the best athletic departments in the country.  Their process all starts with the goal in mind, “winning”, and works backward from there to hack the entire chain of events that leads to that outcome.  I loved this talk as an owner and coach in my business. The goal must always remain the goal!

Coach Bobby Smith

Owner RYPT training, coach to 100’s of Division 1 athletes

Coach Bobby brought the energy. His goal is to fire up each and every athlete that he works with through his own energy. His up beat coaching is contagious. I’m certain that all our coaches felt that, and will bring the energy to our sessions going forward.

We are so fortunate to get to learn from these coaches, and I am certain that our coaches and I got better this week.

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