Why do we make fitness complicated?

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In recent weeks, maybe months I have been reading a lot of books on fitness, nutrition, etc.  However, a lot of what I am absorbing from the books is far from basic exercise science, biochemistry, and functional anatomy.

It is interesting how your perspective changes as you go through different transitions in your life.

As my roles have transitioned at Force and many other things have changed in my life over the past year so did the books I was reading and the messages that I was receiving from them.

You see, before the past few months I really had been reading more business development books.  That is simply where my passion and life has taken me.  I am responsible for running Force behind the scenes, ensuring that the business is healthy so that we can help our clients get healthy.

It isn’t a glamorous position all the time.  I get to crunch numbers, set up marketing and do my best to lead our team.  I also have the privilege of coaching thousands of other fitness professionals on running their businesses.

However, recently I have been diving back into fitness and nutrition reading.  I have been searching for something that I lost along the way.  I still have a passion for these things, they still interest me and I love absorbing the information.

But outside of the basics that you might get from reading a fitness or nutrition book I have been looking at things a bit differently.  I have been learning new lessons each day.

One BIG lesson that I have learned is that fitness and nutrition are really simple.

Yep, you read that right.  These things aren’t rocket science.

You need to eat well and move.

Often times we are looking for the perfect program or perfect diet.

I hate to break it to you but these don’t really exist.  I honestly think that people look for these and try to be perfect as an excuse to fail.  Often times you will get better results from just getting started.

Think about it for a second….

Most of the time we just need to get started and stop worrying about being perfect.

When you search for perfect you are looking for a way to fail.  You are setting yourself up to judge yourself.

One of the most powerful things that I have done recently is divorced my scale.

This is coming from a guy that has weighed himself every single day for over 10 years.  Seriously!

I finally figured out that I was mentally beating myself up based on the number that popped up each morning.  I would regret choices I made, I would base my day off the number and I would constantly be focused on altering the number with my actions through the day.

Now don’t get me wrong- I think that the scale has provided me with many benefits.  It allowed me to maintain my weight loss over the course of several years.  I always new if was creeping up in weight or if I was holding steady.

However, now that I know what to do to maintain my weight or adjust as needed I was a slave to that number each morning.

It was no way to live life.  I didn’t really enjoy eating food because the number was my focus.

If I did eat something I should have enjoyed I felt guilt because of what that number was going to say the next day.

I constantly worried about it and likely made some very unhealthy choices due to it.

And worst of all I evaluated my self worth based on that number each day.

What a sad way to go through life!

This is just my story that I am sharing with you.  You may not have these feelings or make these decisions.

However, I encourage you to make fitness a bit more simple.  Break up with your scale and just have fun with it- enjoying the process along the way.

All you need to do is move every day, eat a whole food based diet like we preach at Force Fitness, and reduce the stress in your life so that you can truly live.

When I started writing this blog post I really didn’t intend for it to head this direction but I am happy that it did.  I hope that it inspires someone to stop being a slave to the scale and start living life!

I haven’t been on the scale in over 2 weeks.  I feel great, I am happy with how I look and I am enjoying life.

To get the results you want you really don’t have to make things complicated.

Perform 3 strength workouts a week, lifting heavy stuff and challenging yourself.

Walk every day, preferably outside, for 20-30 minutes

Get plenty of sleep, high quality sleep

Eat according to the Living Lean Blueprint

It really is that easy!

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  • Lorie Eber

    Wow! Someone with the same common sense approach I use in wellness coach. People overcomplicate putting good food in your body and moving your body. It’s not that complicated. I even have a PowerPoint presentation that has slides that say “it’s not rocket science.” Good for you!!

  • Dean

    Great post! You are definitely onto something. We all want the magic potion that will make it easier. You have it! Just get started.

  • Todd Reid

    It works. Not sure I am ready to divorce the scale just yet.

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