Why Everyone Needs a Coach

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If you have a goal, big or small, you need a coach. Here are four reasons why.

  1. Coaches know how to help you get what you want.

Everyone knows what they should be doing. In our field of fitness and sports performance, everyone knows they should be exercising. Everyone knows they should have a well balanced diet full of vegetables. Everyone knows they should sleep and limit stress. What very few know is how to actually do these things. As coaches, we create specific gameplans to help our clients achieve their physical and mental goals. Some are easy. Some are complex. The trick is to know who needs what, when they need it and how much of it to give them. This applies to our programming, our coaching style and how we approach each day. Everyone needs something a little different. A good coach will know what YOU need to reach YOUR goal.  

       2. Coaches know how to help manage and prevent setbacks.

No matter your endeavor you will face roadblocks. What you do when you face adversity is crucial for success. And this isn’t the rah rah BS you hear all the time like “if you’re going through hell keep going”. Coaches know how to prepare for setbacks and know how to handle them when they arrive. They have the knowledge and expertise to set you up for success but also are well equipped for when things go awry. Taking a quote from Dr. Rob Bell, a famous performance psychologist, “It’s not about the setback, it’s about the comeback”. A good coach will help you on your journey and keep you on track to ensure you come back stronger than ever.

       3. Decision Fatigue.

Decision fatigue is a real issue. Everyone has a lot on their plate. For parents its paying bills, working long hours, shuttling kids to and from sports and/or school, dealing with issues that pop up, providing food for their families, etc. For kids, they’re stuck in school 7-8 hours a day, doing homework, playing sports or participating in whatever group they’re in, and socializing with friends. It’s safe to say that we live in a high stress environment that is constantly throwing stuff at us. With so many decisions to make throughout the day it makes planning for your goals that much more difficult. It’s just another thing to add to your already massive list of things to do. This is why a coach is so valuable. We take out the guesswork and provide information that is digestible and easy to implement. You don’t have to do anything. We do all the work. You just reap the rewards.

       4. Accountability.

The fourth and most important reason you should have a coach is they hold you accountable. Coaches provide that little kick in the butt to scoot you along in the right direction. They provide that extra motivation on days where you’re feeling unmotivated. It is our job to help you achieve your goals. For those coaches who take their jobs seriously, they do everything they can to help you, even if it means being a jerk or lifting you up when you need it most.

If you have a goal, do yourself a favor and get a coach. This doesn’t just apply to fitness or sports performance either. Find those who are experts with a history of success and work with them. They will help lead you to the promised land.  

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