Why I Weigh Myself Everyday

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I am a routine person. Each morning I wake up a little before 6 AM, head downstairs, drink two big glasses of water, read for a bit, then make breakfast for Ashley, Jack, and myself, take my vitamins, head back upstairs, get ready for the shower, and hop on the scale.

Wait, what?

The motto around the gym isn’t just “don’t get on the scale”. We go a step further and say just get rid of it, period, end of story.

Did you see the video we posted a couple months ago of Matt smashing a scale? With a sledgehammer?

It was awesome.

One of our clients brought the scale in for us to toss in the trash. Matt took it a step further and demolished it.

It was representative of what our relationship with our weight should or could be.

So why is it that, every morning before I get into the shower do I weigh myself?

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen my non-stop videos of lifting weights, and some pictures of Jack and Ashley. In somewhat of a fitness industry anomaly, I don’t post shirtless pics or progress pics (If you don’t follow me or beforcefit on Instagram you are missing out).

My body, your body, OUR bodies are capable of AMAZING things.

Humans have the strength to lift thousands of pounds.

Humans can run 100’s of miles.

Humans can leap over insane obstacles.

And those are all just examples of humans in OUR gym.

So on my Instagram, I celebrate what my body is capable of, not what it looks like, and DEFINITELY not what my body weighs.

My body is built for doing, not looking, and certainly not for evaluation by arbitrary numbers.

Every morning, after I get breakfast ready, I step on the scale, and look down at the number. But why?

I celebrate my “doing” by competing in the sport of weightlifting. Weightlifting tests athletes in their strength and skill, but does so within the confines of weight classes. I compete in the class that weighs 187 lbs, so I check my weight because I know that I can’t have as big a celebration of what my body can do if I “miss weight” at the meet.

I look down at that number and I know that it doesn’t define me, because that number means nothing other than the ability for me to compete in a specific weight class for my sport.

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