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Since coming back from the IYCA Summit in Louisville, a grueling 4 days I might add, this past weekend I have been thinking a lot about training and systems.  You see, everything that we do revolves around a system, or at least it should.  Our training programs are a system, we have a nutrition system, we have a business system.  These systems are nothing more than processes of if-then scenarios and actions that we take to get certain results.

This also got me thinking about the book I am currently reading called “Worked The System.”  It is about using the systems, or creating them if you don’t have them, to create an efficient and effective machine for any process.  The key to any book is figuring out how to take the practical knowledge and concepts from the book and fit them into your life or business.   I am not finished with this book yet, so I may have an incomplete thought, but I put together a system for getting the best results in the fat loss world.

I must give credit to my good friend BJ Bliffert that gave me some insight to a Venn diagram that he created for getting optimal results.  It has three parts, actually his had four, but for the purpose of this article we will talk in terms of the three I feel are most important.  These three parts are fitness (workouts), nutrition and supplements.  IF you have one and not the others you are likely to get mediocre results at best.  You can figure that some changes will occur, but nothing drastic.  The magic happens when we put all three systems to use in an efficient way.  In today’s post I want to fill you in on how easy you can turn your body into a fat burning, fitness machine.


1) Start with fitness or working out.  This is a great way to begin moving and increase your metabolism.  The best system for this is total body training in a metabolic fashion.  Think paring exercises, doing circuits and hitting your big bang for you buck exercises.  There is no greater feeling than doing a workout that jacks your metabolism up so high you can actually feel it working.  It is a warm, tingly feeling that you get after your workout for hours.  You know what I am talking about…. the workout that has you sweating even after you take a shower.

If you have never experienced one of those workouts you need to push a little harder.  See if there is a light at the end of that tunnel 🙂

2) Set up a plan for your nutrition.  This can be a very simple plan to get you started and you can make adjustments as you go, but you have to start with the basics.  Eat breakfast, include protein at every meal, stay away from starchy carbs and fill up on veggies.  Once you have this down I recommend sticking to three moderate sized meals and one snack or pre workout drink.

Yes, you read that correctly!  I recommended three meals and not 5 or 6.  It has come to my attention that people simply can’t get in that many meals and they typically overeat when they do.  So, we have made this simple, remember systems are supposed to make life easier.

3) Supplement with the basics.  Most people fall short at this point.  They don’t get what they should supplement with to get the best results and often times the skip the basics to get to the high octane stuff.  I hate to break it to you but most of the high octane stuff is crap and it won’t help you anyway if you are missing out on eating right and working out.

I can put rocket fuel in an old, beat up car but it isn’t going to run like a rocket.

Start by getting in a great multivitamin and fish oil.  These should be staples in everyone’s plan.  Next up is a protein supplement or meal replacement so that you can eat on the run if needed and get in quality protein.  After this you should look into a recovery drink or shake.

Finally if you are eating right, training hard and covered your supplement basics you can add in a metabolism booster or other supplement to help you reach your goals.  Just remember that these will likely only give you a small boost and aren’t going to be a band aid for a crappy diet or lack of intensity when training.
When you can put all of these together, a great training program, solid nutrition and proper supplementation you can create fat loss magic and keep getting amazing results.


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