Workplace Performance for Fitness and Fat Loss

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So, lately I have been working at a desk….a lot.

I went from being an active coach on the floor to sitting at a desk for 12-13 hours a day now.

Sure there are times where I get up and move, but I can have long stretches of time that I am sitting at my desk and I was noticing some aches and pains starting to appear.

I would get really tight in my mid-back.  It felt like I was just “hanging” on my muscles back there and it was extremely uncomfortable.  Foam rolling would help a little, I have one next to my desk along with my LAX ball, but it would come back pretty quickly.

Then, my hips were getting tighter.  I have always had the ability to squat and squat deep with great form and lately I have been noticing some aches, pain and tightness in my hips when squatting.

So, I took some action.  I bought a stand up desk!   Well actually I bought an addition to my desk that would allow me to stand when I wanted.

So, far I have been using it for a little under a week and it has been great.  I have noticed increased productivity, increased creativity (especially in the afternoon) and I am feeling better already.

Stand Up Desk Set Up

Right now I am sitting in the morning and standing in the afternoons.  I didn’t want to jump right into standing all day and take it to the extreme on the other end. So, I will gradually progress to standing more and more until I feel comfortable working on my feet all day if I want.

The addition to my desk only cost $79.99 and it was an easy assembly.  The only issue is that I love working on my BIG monitor and the monitor arm I purchased won’t hold the monitor I have, it is too heavy.  That just means I have to work directly from my laptop when standing which isn’t a big deal.

The addition to my workspace is easy to move and light.  If it allows me to start feeling and moving better I know that it will allow me to perform better in my workouts and in my job.  It is a win-win.

Not to mention I will burn more calories and hopefully fat!

I am not suggesting that you and change up your entire workspace, but there are probably some things you can do to optimize it so that you are allowing your body to function optimally.

Take a look at the height of your chair, desk and the position of your monitor.  Ideally your upper arms should be at your sides and your forearms should be at 90 degrees to your upper arm when typing.  Your monitor should be about 18” from your face and slightly lower than your eye line so that you look a bit down at it.  Don’t have things offset or to one side, ideally you want everything you need directly in front of you.  If you are always looking to one side it will cause an imbalance.

Today be conscious of how you can improve one of the areas that you spend a lot of your life in- your workspace.


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